Retail Pro® and Windows 10 FAQ

No one knows better than retailers that in the world of connected technologies, an update to one piece of the puzzle – like a new Windows operating system – can upset the balance for the solution as a whole if improperly installed. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here is a short FAQ highlighting some of the common Windows 10 questions retailers like you have been asking. 

Retail Pro and Windows 10 FAQ

Q: Can I use Retail Pro on Windows 10?
A: Yes! Retail Pro 9.4 fully supports the use of the new Windows 10 OS. Updating your system is easy – we provide installation files for both new and existing users. 

Q: Should I update the Retail Pro 9 software to use Windows 10?
A: Yes! Windows 10 works with the new Retail Pro 9.4, since Windows 10 support will require a migration to a new database structure (Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c). We can help you with that too.

Q: Can I use Windows 10 32-bit or will I have to use the 64-bit version of Windows 10?
A: You can use Windows 10 32-bit systems for Retail Pro 9 client systems where a database is not installed locally. If your Retail Pro 9 database is installed locally, you must run Windows 10 64-bit.

Q: Does Retail Pro Prism support Windows 10?
A: Yes! Retail Pro Prism 1.5 supports Windows 10 in both database environments - Oracle and MySQL. 


Q: Will Retail Pro 8 support Windows 10? 
A: Sadly, the Windows 10 operating environment has critical technical limitations that will not allow it to run Retail Pro 8. If you’re moving to Windows 10, request a free demo from your Business Partner today to review the fit of Windows 10, Retail Pro 9.4, or Retail Pro Prism 1.5 for your business.


For any additional question, please contact the Retail Pro Support department at


Is it time for an upgrade?

Your software upgrade is free with Software Assurance! Contact your Retail Pro Business Partner today to see if the new functionality in Retail Pro is a good fit for your business goals and operations.

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