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Configuring UAC for Local Admin Users

Configuring UAC for Local Admin Users

This article explains how to set up local administrative control for Retail Pro 9 in a Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, or Windows 10 environment. In other words ? this ensures that certain computer users are able to launch and use Retail Pro - and have the appropriate permissions to do so.

The official product documentation on this subject is attached. (See "Other Relevant Resources" at the bottom of this screen). 

Document Summary:

Retail Pro 9 must be launched by an administrative user the first time it is launched, and there are no exceptions. Once this is completed, it is often necessary for non-administrative users to use Retail Pro 9 on a daily basis. If you want non-administrative users and user groups to be able to use Retail Pro 9, two things need to happen:

1. Make sure DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is turned off for RPro9.exe.

2. Make sure that the "non-administrative" user has permissions to access and work with relevant files:

  • Full permissions to the \Retailpro9 folder (and all its sub-folders)
  • Read/Execute permission to the \Oracle directory (and its sub-folders).

By following the steps above, your non-administrative users will avoid running into an error message upon launch that looks similar to this:

To see the step-by-step on how to adjust the DEP settings and the permission settings, please read the official documentation at the link below titled, "Windows UAC Local Admin Control".

Other Relevant Resources