TMG centralizes inventory and order management, improves customer experience with Retail Pro Prism

Shoppers today are free to purchase from many different channels thanks to digital transformation in the retail industry. This wave of change puts retailers at an urgent need: to transform digitally and gain competitive advantage as a first-mover in addressing developing market and technology requirements. The need for centralized data management and real-time updated inventory to quickly respond to customer orders is increasingly critical.

Vietnam-based retailer TMG, well known for its 100+ fashion stores nationwide including brands like JOHNHENRY and FREELANCERS, is actively building its technology strategy with Retail Pro Prism to capitalize on these retail trends.

The upgrade to Retail Pro Prism has proved to be a smart move. TMG is now able to manage inventory centrally and smoothly integrate to our diverse selling channels, such as our website, Facebook page, and e-commerce platforms like SHOPEE, VNSHOP, SENDO, etc. Orders from all of these channels are centralized in Retail Pro Prism and coordinated to the nearest store for the quickest possible fulfillment

- Mr. Le Hoang Viet, IT Manager


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