Updated: October 13, 2021 8:19am

Purchase Order Preferences

 The preferences in the following table are found in Admin Console > Node Preferences > Purchasing > Purchase Orders. These preferences apply to purchase orders only.

Preference Description
Default PO Type  Select the default PO Type: drop-ship or marked-for. You can change the type when making a new PO.
Allow negative quantities on POs If selected, items on POs can have a negative Doc Qty. This is typically used when returning merchandise.
Allow receiving against PO after cancel date If selected, a user can create a voucher that references a PO that is past its Cancel Date.
Order by cases only This preferences applies to items that are sold by the case or individually. If selected, users must order whole case quantities when ordering; partial cases are not allowed.
Case rounding method Select the type of rounding that should be performed: Up, Down, or None.

Purchasing > Purchase Orders Preferences

Purchasing > Purchase Orders preferences