Updated: October 13, 2021 10:27am

Transfer Orders Overview

Transfer orders are planning documents that can plan the transfer of merchandise from one source store to one or more destination stores. TOs do not update inventory quantities. As such, you save a TO instead of updating it. When ready, you can generate a transfer slip from the TO (or reference the TO on a new slip). You can allocate the items on a TO among multiple stores. When generating slips from the TO, you can generate slips for any or all stores listed on the TO. After generating a slip from the TO, when a voucher receives the items into the target store's inventory, the fill status of the TO is automatically updated.

Transfer Order Preferences
The only permission directly related to transfer orders is in Admin Console > Node Preferences > Transfers > General: Require Transfer Slips reference Transfer Order.

Transfer Order Permissions
Retailers can control employee access to transfer order features using the following security permissions:

Permission Description
Transfer Order - Access Allow group members to access the Transfer Orders area
Transfer Order - Activate/Deactivate Allow group members to activate/deactivate transfer order.
Transfer Order - Change Store Allow group members to change the store within the default subsidiary.
Transfer Order - Change Subsidiary Allow group members to change the subsidiary on transfer orders.
Transfer Order - Create/Copy Allow group members to create a new TO using the New Transfer Order button, or copy an existing TO
Transfer Order - Edit Allow group members to edit a transfer order
Transfer Order - Print Allow group members to print transfer orders.
Transfer Order - Print Held Allow group members to print transfer orders that are in a held state.