Updated: October 18, 2019 8:19am

Count Currency

This section provides more information about the process of entering currency counts on Z-Out reports.
In unstructured mode, there are two options for entering currency counts:

  • Enter a count for each denomination for each currency
  • Enter a single "Total" amount for each currency

In structured mode, if the "Count Denominations" preference is selected, then you MUST enter a count for individual denominations before you can proceed. If not selected, then users only enter a total for each currency.

Count denominations on z-out reports

In structured mode, if the "Count Denominations" preference is NOT selected, then currency counts are entered on a single screen.

  • Close Amount: Count each currency in the drawer and enter each currency's total in the Close Amount field.
  • Leave Amount: Users can optionally enter a Leave Amount. If a Default Leave Amount is defined in preferences, it is already entered for the currency. Note: Leave amounts are not included in the total.

If the "Require Entry of Open/Close Amounts" is UNCHECKED, then the Open column is disabled.

  • There is an Enter Totals button on the denominations counts screen. When selected, the denomination counts are cleared and the can edit the currency total (i.e. Total DOLLARS).This button is toggles between Enter Totals and Count Denominations. This way, the user can enter individual totals for each currency (base and foreign).