Updated: September 17, 2019 12:49pm

Non-Currency Media

This section provides more information about the process of verifying currency media, which takes place after the user has entered currency counts on Z-Out reports.
Non-currency media are things like:

  • Credit card receipts
  • Debit card receipts
  • Gift card receipts
  • Gift certificates
  • Checks
  • Store credit

In each of these cases, the retailer wants to make sure the physical copy makes it to headquarters. If charges are contested, these signed receipts become important. 

  1. The left side shows currency types and the number of receipts for each type. Select a currency type (e.g. Credit Card)   
  2. For each record in the list, select the Matched checkbox if the record is present. Leave the Matched checkbox clear if the record is missing.    
  3. Repeat Steps 1-2 for the other currency types (e.g. Debit Card, Gift Card, etc.)    
  4. Select Next when finished and proceed to reconciling the drawer.    

Adding New Non-Currency Types

Sometimes, a signed receipt or other currency type is found that does not belong to the current Z-Out's date/time range. For example, a user might find a signed credit card receipt that was caught under the till in the drawer.  You can add such receipts into the current report.

  1. On the Non Currency Media screen, select Add New.   
  2. Enter information about the non-currency item. (Note: The information you enter will vary by tender type - credit card receipt, check, gift certificate, etc.). Enter notes that describe the location or circumstances in which the media was found    
  3. Touch or click the Save button.    
  4. Select Next to continue the report.    

Fields on the Non Currency Matching Screen

Element Description
Matched Select the Matched checkbox if the record has been paired and counted with a physical receipt. Leave the Matched checkbox clear if the physical receipt or copy was not found.
Added If selected, indicates the record was added using the Add Non Currency dialog.
Amount Amount of the tender.
Receipt Date Date/Time the receipt was created. 
Notes Optional notes entered when adding the signed receipt (e.g. explaining the place and circumstances it was found).
Reversal If selected, indicates the document is a reversal of another document.
Card Name  The name of the card (VISA, MASTER, etc.) used on the document.

Print Non-Currency Tenders

In Prism Preferences & Settings > Reports > X/Z-Out, you can select which non-currency tenders will be printed on Z-Out reports. By clearing unused tenders, retailers can prevent the individual transaction from printing on the report.