Updated: February 1, 2023 9:37am

Z-Out Lookup

Users can review and print previously-run Z-Out reports. All Z-Outs are available, whether closed or not. Users have the option of forcing a close on any open reports. Click the X/Z-Out button on the main POS screen and then click Z-Out Reports.
When users access the Z-Out area, a list of open is records is displayed. If a register is already open and a user wants to close the register, the user can find and select the unfinalized Z-Out record to be closed. The list of records can be filtered by elements like Start Date/End Date or Status. Modify filter elements as needed and click Search. By default, only Z-Out records for the current Subsidiary/Store (displayed in the upper-right) are displayed. Users can click the All Stores or All SBS checkbox to include records from other stores or subsidiaries in the search.
Highlight the desired record and click Close Register.
You can search for a closed register report and reprint the report, if needed.
Sample Z-Out screen showing options for searching for and selecting reports to close, print, etc.:

Sample Z-Out screen showing search options
Each report's entry in the list displays key information about the report, including Open and Close Amounts, Net Sales, Over/Short Amounts and Leave Amount.

Search by Report Status
You can display only reports that match a certain status. If there are a large number of reports, filtering by status can make it easier to find the report you want. Make a selection in the Status drop-down. You can display all reports, closed reports, forced close reports or open reports only.

  • Closed:    This status indicates that the drawer has been ‘closed' but not ‘reconciled'. A drawer can be closed without reconciling by clicking Finish on the initial Close Cash Drawer screen rather than Next.
  • Force Closed:    This status indicates the drawer has been forced closed.
  • Open:    This status indicates the drawer is still open.

Close a Register

  1. In the Z-Out Lookup area, select an open report and then click the Close Register button.    .  
  2.  The Z-Out Close filter screen is displayed. Proceed through the screen and close the report. Refer to the "Z-Out Close" section for more information about the close register process.    

Force Z-Out Close
If necessary, you can force the close of structured Z-Out reports. This is typically used to close "ghost" reports - reports for which an open exists but with no corresponding closing record.

  1. Search for open reports.     
  2. Select a report and then click the Force Close button.    
  3. Enter the Closing Amount, Leave Amount and any Notes to explain the close.    
  4. Touch or click the Force Close button.     

Z-Out Lookup Time Zones
When displaying dates/times on X/Z-Out reports, if your system is configured correctly, RP Prism displays the following fields using the Client's time zone offset, regardless the time zone of the Server: Report Date, Open Date, Close Date. Furthermore, this only works in the following configurations:

  • Prism Client, Prism-Apache server and Database Server are in the same time zone.
  • Prism Client in one time zone. Prism-Apache server and Database Server are in another time zone. The following configuration is invalid:

Prism Client is in one time zone. Prism-Apache server is in a second time zone and Database Server is in a third time zone.