Updated: October 1, 2020 11:43am

Z-Out Lookup (Former Z-Out)

The Z-Out Lookup area enables you to review and print previously-run Z-Out reports. All Z-Outs are available, whether closed or not. Users have the option of forcing a close on any open reports.

Click the X/Z-Out button on the main POS screen.
X/Z-Out main menu
Click the Z-Out Lookup button.
Enter search criteria and then click the Search button.
Select the desired report and then click the Print button. 
Search X/Z-Out Viewing Report Totals in List
When you search for reports, a list of matching reports is displayed. Each report's entry in the list displays key information about the report, including Open and Close Amounts, Net Sales, Over/Short Amounts and Leave Amount.

Search by Report Status
You can display only reports that match a certain status. If there are a large number of reports, filtering by status can make it easier to find the report you want. Make a selection in the Status drop-down. You can display all reports, closed reports, forced close reports or open reports only.

  • Closed:    This status indicates that the drawer has been ‘closed' but not ‘reconciled'. A drawer can be closed without reconciling by clicking Finish on the initial Close Cash Drawer screen rather than Next.
  • Force Closed:    This status indicates the drawer has been forced closed.
  • Open:    This status indicates the drawer is still open.

Close a Register

  1. In the Z-Out Lookup area, select an open report and then click the Close Register button.    .  
  2.  The Z-Out Close filter screen is displayed. Proceed through the screen and close the report. Refer to the "Z-Out Close" section for more information about the close register process.    

Force Z-Out Close
If necessary, you can force the close of structured Z-Out reports. This is typically used to close "ghost" reports - reports for which an open exists but with no corresponding closing record.

  1. Search for open reports.     
  2. Select a report and then click the Force Close button.    
  3. Enter the Closing Amount, Leave Amount and any Notes to explain the close.    
  4. Touch or click the Force Close button.     

Z-Out Lookup Time Zones
When displaying dates/times on X/Z-Out reports, if your system is configured correctly, RP Prism displays the following fields using the Client's time zone offset, regardless the time zone of the Server: Report Date, Open Date, Close Date. Furthermore, this only works in the following configurations:

  • Prism Client, Prism-Apache server and Database Server are in the same time zone.
  • Prism Client in one time zone. Prism-Apache server and Database Server are in another time zone. The following configuration is invalid:

Prism Client is in one time zone. Prism-Apache server is in a second time zone and Database Server is in a third time zone.