Updated: October 18, 2019 8:24am

Force Logout

RP Prism includes an Force Logout feature that will automatically log out the current user immediately when a transaction is updated. This feature is especially useful for businesses where multiple employees share the same workstation. This feature helps ensure the correct Associate is entered on each transaction. The auto-logout feature prevent situations in which User A logs in, walks away from the workstation, and user B then finishes the transaction or creates a new transaction while still logged in as User A. This creates inaccuracies in Associate information. Using the Force Logout feature, the current user will be logged out when any of the following actions occur:

  • Updates a transaction
  • Cancels a transaction
  • Holds a transaction
  • A document is automatically generated (e.g. when using the "Purchase Store Credit" feature for customers)

Enable Force Logout

  1. Launch the Prism Proxy and log in.     
  2. Tap or click the Retail Pro button in the lower right corner and select Administration Console from the RP Prism Menu.    
  3. Select Preferences & Settings > Node Selection. Select a Subsidiary and then tap or click the Set Context button.    
  4. Select Preferences & Settings > Transactions > General.    
  5. Tap or click the checkbox for Force Logout after Completing Transaction.    
  6. Tap or click the Save button.