Updated: September 15, 2020 9:33am

Auto-Lock Workstation

RP Prism includes a preference that, if selected, will automatically lock the workstation after a period of inactivity. This preference is located in Preferences & Settings > Employee area and is titled "Automatically Lock Workstation". If selected, workstations for the store will be locked after the specified number of minutes without activity. By default, the lockout period is set to 15, meaning that if there is no activity on a workstation for 15 minutes, the workstation will be locked. When the lockout time is reached, a prompt is displayed. To unlock the workstation, a user must log in with a valid username/password combination.
Using the automatic logout feature can provide an important security safeguard if a user forgets to logout for whatever reason.  If the same user logs in to the prompt and no browser refreshed occurred, the user will be in the same location as when the lockout took effect. If a different user logs in, the user will be returned to the RP Prism Point of Sale home screen.
Important! For this feature to work properly, you must refresh (reload) your browser after configuring the preference.

Automatically Lock Workstation vs. Force Log out
Please note that this preference is separate from the "Force log out user after completing transaction" preference in the Transactions > General area of preferences. The "Force log out user after completing transaction" preference is for retail environments where multiple Associates share a single workstation and helps ensure that the correct user is always logged in for each transaction. The Automatically Lock Workstation preference applies to all areas of Prism is meant as a general-purpose security feature, appropriate for any retail environment.