Updated: October 1, 2020 2:29pm

Filter/Search Inventory

When you select Store Operations > Inventory, the Search screen is displayed. To find a specific item or group of items: Enter filter criteria and press the Search button (Enter key) to view the desired items in list view. To view the entire Inventory list: Search by UPC. Type the wildcard character (*) in the UPC field and then click the Search button. The asterisk is the wildcard symbol. When the UPC field has only an asterisk, all items are returned. You can search inventory by any or all of the following values: DCS, Vendor Name, Description 1, UPC, or Vendor (Vendor Code)

  1. Navigate to Store Operations > Inventory.    
  2. By default, any search will be performed on Active items only. If necessary, you can click to search for Inactive only, or both Active and Inactive (All button).    
  3. Select a search field. For example, select UPC if you have the barcode or know the item's UPC.   
  4. Type the search criteria in the field. You can use a wildcard    
  5. Important, if the Specific Search check box is selected, the search is performed against the exact string. If you will be using a wildcard, you should clear the Specific Search checkbox.    
  6. Click the Search button    
  7. Click the check mark for the desired item. If necessary, you can scroll the list and navigate between pages if multiple pages of results are returned.    
  8. Click the Item Detail button.    

Item List/Item Details button
The Item List/Item Detail button is a toggle that you can use to switch back and forth between viewing a list of items and viewing a single item in details. To view an item in detail view, select the check mark for the item and then click the Item Detail button. To return to the Item List screen to do a different search, click the Item List button.

Viewing the Entire Inventory List
Clear the Specific Search checkbox. Add the UPC field as a filter. Enter the wildcard character (*) and then click Search.

View Item Info for a Different Store
New items are added at the global level. By default, the Store field is set to the current logged-in user's default store. If necessary, you can view quantity information for a different Store. Select the desired store from the drop-down at the top of the screen.

Sample Inventory search screen:

Inventory filter, search