Updated: December 4, 2020 8:43am

Chapter 32. Miscellaneous


This chapter has topics that overlap multiple areas (e.g. centrals), or that don't fit neatly into other categories.

Topic Description
Send Sale Send sale orders are useful when an item is unavailable at one location but available at other locations.
Print Tags Print price tags for items.
Options Button Several areas (e.g. Transactions, Purchase Orders, Vouchers) have an Options button that provides access to key tasks.
Tills Change the till used on a transaction or assigned to an employee.
Viewing Prism Transactions in RIL View receipts sent upstream from stores to RIL.
About Different Totals in Prism and RIL In certain conditions, users may see different totals in Prism and RIL for what is the same transaction. This is due to the fact that a transaction in Prism can have sale and order items, while a receipt in RIL can only have sale items.
About Screen The About screen enables you to see the program version, access the help files.
Log Files Prism has several log files. In addition, you can install and activate the CodeSite logging application for testing and troubleshooting in a lab environment.
Language Prism enables you to display the user interface in different languages.
Custom HTML Files Retailers often have customized version of Prism html files that enable the Prism UI to be displayed in the retailer's color scheme, with branding, logos, etc. This topic has information about using these custom files with Prism.
Customer.css file To change the look and feel of the user interface, users can edit a special cascading style sheet (customer.css) provided with RP Prism. This section explains how to make the following simple changes to the RP Prism UI:
  • Change the background color
  • Replace a background image
  • Change button colors (entire group or individual buttons)
Making the changes described in this section requires knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap and using browser debug features.
Document Designer Document Designer gives retailers an easy-to-use tool for creating and editing receipt and other document designs. Document Designer is a separate RP Prism component that must be installed on each system where it will be used.
Touch POS

If touch menus are defined on a system, then the Touch Menus button will be displayed on the home screen. After you define at least one touch menu in the preferences area of the Admin Console, the Touch POS button will be available on the POS home screen.

Titles You can assign a Title to Vendor and Customer records. The Titles available for selection are those defined in Node Preferences > Data Types.
User-Defined Fields (UDFs) User-defined fields (UDFs) enable retailers to define their own custom fields that are specific to their business or industry. UDF fields are assigned a label and a value (or date). These fields store virtually any type of data that the retailer needs to store. User-defined fields are available for the Inventory, Vendors, and Customers areas. UDF field definitions are copied from RIL to Prism during initialization. You can edit the field labels and a list of entries to be available for selection for the Inventory and Vendor fields in the Admin Console preferences area
View Prism Tables During the RP Prism installation process two database schemas are created in the Oracle database used by RIL. These are the RPS and DRS Schemas. The RPS (Retail Pro Service) tables are used for storing Prism data. The DRS (Data Replication Service) tables are used to exchange data between stations and update store databases
ZIP Code Lookup The ZIP Code lookup feature enables a user to type in a ZIP Code for a customer or vendor address and Prism will fill in the City and State information. You specify which address fields should be populated with the City and State information (e.g. Address 3).
Wireless Considerations This topic has information about running Prism on wireless devices can experience problems when switching between wired and the wireless connections (e.g. removing from docking station) and when roaming between access points.
Program Updates From time-to-time, Retail Pro releases updates for the RP Prism application. These updates include bug fixes, new features, enhancements to existing features, and other code changes. Retail Pro issues an email announcement when these updates are released along with a link to the download.
Grid Formats This section has information about working with the grids used to display data in RP Prism.
  • Configuring default grids in RP Prism Preferences
  • Customizing grids in individual areas of Prism