Updated: August 24, 2019 10:39am

Blue Tooth Printers

Prism includes support for printing to a Bluetooth printer from an iOS device. This enables retailers to pair an iPad or iPod Touch with a mobile receipt printer for mobility and flexibility at POS.


  • Only available from iOS devices
  • Requires Epson mobile receipt printers with Bluetooth support (Epson TM-P20 and TM-P60ii have been tested).
  • Only one Bluetooth printer per device is supported (pairing two or more Bluetooth printers to a device is allowed in iOS, but is an invalid configuration in Prism)
  • Prism users must install the latest version of the Prism iOS Launcher

Basic Steps

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth printer is turned on, within range of the iOS device and not paired with any other iOS device
  2. Navigate to the Settings area for the iOS device and assign an available Epson printer to the device.
  3. When the printer's name appears in the Devices list, select it to begin pairing. When pairing is complete, the printer will report "Connected". (If pairing fails, try again until it succeeds).
  4. When Bluetooth pairing is complete, open the Prism iOS Launcher. When the Prism iOS Launcher starts up, it will discover the paired Bluetooth printer during hardware discovery.  This is similar to the way the Prism Proxy discovers local hardware on a Windows workstation. Note: The iOS Launcher will check the version of Prism running on the server at login and will alert the user if the Prism version is incorrect)
  5. Login to Prism. The Launcher registers printers to the Prism server upon login.  If connecting directly to the Prism server, only the Bluetooth printer will be registered; if connecting through the Prism Proxy, both Bluetooth and Windows printers will be registered
  6. The Bluetooth printer should now be available for printing receipts from Prism.  If the Launcher is running through the Prism Proxy, Windows network printers will also be available for printing.