Updated: October 1, 2020 7:59am


Prism users can add new tills and edit existing tills. This enables retailers to change the names of tills and add or remove tills to meet the changing needs of stores. Different retailers have different strategies for naming tills. For example, till names can reflect a physical location in the store, or the name of the employee who always uses that till. Adding or editing tills must be made at the store level.
Users will encounter the terms "till" and "cash drawer" in the Retail Pro interface and documentation. A till is the tray (containing cash) that a cashier or manager puts in the cash drawer.

New Till

  1. In the Admin Console, drill down to the desired store level. Select Node Preferences > Reporting > X/Z-Out. Scroll down to the Tills section.    
  2. Click the Plus icon    
  3. Enter a name for the till. Click Save. By default, new tills are active. You can clear the Active checkbox, if needed.    
  4. Save the changes to preferences.    

Editing Till Name
To edit a till, click the pencil icon next to the till name. 
till preferences

Till on X/Z-Out Reports
You can include the Till field in the register definition for X/Z-Out reports. This enables you to limit the report to transactions from certain tills.