Updated: October 18, 2019 8:00am

Inline Discounts

Users can edit the Discount $ or Discount % directly from the main transaction form. With the item selected, click the Discount button. Select the desired discount type from the menu.

Inline discounts

Remove a Discount
With the item selected, click the Discount button. Click Details to view a list of the discounts applied to the item. Highlight the discount to remove and then click POS - Remove Discount.
Sample Discount Details:
Sample discount details

Discount Preferences
As part of this feature, there is a new Transactions > Discounts area in Prism preferences. Previously, preferences related to discount had been included in the Transactions > General area. The preferences in this area include new preferences related to the new inline discount editing feature.

Preference Description
Default Discount Type This preference controls which discount type will be selected by default when editing discounts at POS: Amount, Percentage, or Price. For example, if your business only gives percentage discounts, you can set this preference to "Percentage". This enables the user to immediately begin typing a value without having to click a discount type first.
Show One Item Discount Option This preference limits the displayed discount options in the POS UI to only the selected discount type. If selected, when the user goes to edit a discount, only the Default Discount Type will be displayed. If not selected, the user will see all three option types (discount, percentage, and price)
Show Discount Reasons Prompt If selected, when a user edits an item's discount, then a prompt is automatically displayed for selecting a reason. Note: Discount Reasons are defined in Preferences > Transactions > Reasons and Notes.

Preferences & Settings > Transactions > Discounts
Discount preferences