Updated: May 19, 2021 8:43am

Tender Requirements

The Tender Requirement preferences give retailers control over the tenders available to users at POS, including:

  • Tenders you take as payment
  • Tenders you give as change
  • Tenders that cause the Change Window to display
  • Tenders that cause the cash drawer to open
  • Default take tender
  • Default give tender
  • Maximum overtender amount
  • Required fields for tenders
  • Tender rounding option

The following table lists the available Tender Requirements preferences for each tender:

Setting Description
Tender Rounding Select the desired tender rounding method: None (default), Up, Normal, or Down.
Take If selected, the tender can be taken as payment.
Give If selected, the tender can be given as change
Return If selected, the tender can be used on a return (when the transaction total is less than 0.00.
Deposit Refund If selected, the tender can be used when refunding an unused deposit amount when an order is closed.
Change Window  If selected, when the user touches or clicks the Print Update (or Update Only) button, the Change window will be displayed, listing the tender amount(s) taken and given in change. This serves as a visual reminder to Associates to prevent mistakes when giving change.
Open Drawer  If this checkbox is selected, the drawer will open when taken the tender. This is typically only needed for tenders such as Cash and Foreign Currency but may also be necessary for other tenders such as Gift Cards, Gift Certificates and Credit Cards.
Default Take If selected, indicates the tender will be selected by default when a user is taking payment. Default = Cash
Default Give If selected, indicates the tender will be selected by default when a user is giving change.  Default = Cash
Max Over Tender Enter the maximum amount by which the transaction can be over tendered (with the difference between the transaction total and the over tendered amount being returned as change to the customer).

Required fields for individual tenders
When configuring tenders, you can select the fields that require an entry at POS.

  1. Click the Plus icon.    
  2. Select the check box for each field that requires an entry. Select the required fields when taking and giving the tender.    
  3. Save the changes.    

Tender Requirements preferences

Tender Requirements preferences