Updated: December 30, 2020 10:55am

Credit Card Tender

To accept credit cards as payment in RP Prism, you must set up a merchant account with one of the designated processors. In North America, Global Payments handles credit card, debit card and gift card EFT transactions. See the Prism Genius guide for information about configuring Prism for use with Global Payments (formerly Cayan).

  1. Go to the tender screen and select Credit in the Tender Type dropdown.    
  2. Click the Take button.    
  3. A prompt is displayed, indicating the CED is ready for the card swipe.    
  4. Run the card through the Genius CED and wait for a response. When the response comes, press the "Accept" button.    
  5. Touch or click Print Update.    

Customer Manual Entry of Credit Card Information
Certain retailers do not want employees to come into contact with customer credit cards. These retailers can use a Cayan feature that allows for fully manual card processing in which the customer enters card information directly into the CED. Please note that this option is only available for credit cards. It is not available for debit or gift cards. In addition, the feature to allow manual entry of credit card information is not available when using Auth & Settle.

Use these steps to have a customer manually enter credit card information into the CED.

  1. Select Tender Transaction to access the Tender screen.
  2. Select Credit Card as the tender type.
  3. Click the Take button.
  4. A prompt is displayed. Select the Manual option.
  5. Have the customer follow the prompts on the CED to enter his/her card information (Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV Code and ZIP Code).