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Chapter 9. Item Details

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You can view/edit a variety of information for the individual items on a transaction. Highlight the item in the item list and then touch or click the Details button. Select the desired tab and view/edit information as needed. Touch or click the Save button to save changes.

You can edit the following item information in Item Details:

  • Doc Quantity
  • Price Level
  • Discount
  • SO Number
  • Shipping Method, Shipping Amount, Tracking No
  • Associates and Activity Percentage
  • Item Notes
  • OH Qty
  • Serial No (serial number items only)
  • Lot No (lot number items only)

Item Details information that cannot be edited includes

  • Item information like Price, Cost, Units/Case, Inventory Type
  • Bill To Customer Information (must be modified on main Transaction form)
  • On-hand quantity information for the item at stores

Navigating to Previous/Next Item
You can navigate between items while in the Item Details dialog by using the Next Item/Previous Item buttons.

Topic Description
Item Details Displays general information about the item (description, price, cost, doc qty). If customer loyalty is enabled, loyalty information (e.g. Points Earned) for the item is also displayed. If the item is a serial or lot-number item, the number is displayed on this tab.
Discounts Apply a discount percentage or amount or a specific price to the item.
Shipping Add Shipping or freight to the item.
Associate Associate information, including Activity %
Item Notes Enter up to 10 item notes for each item.
OH/Qty Display item quantity information at other stores in the subsidiary

Sample Item Details screen

Item Details tab