Updated: October 18, 2019 8:22am

Check Tender

Retail Pro allows you to accept — or not accept — checks on a customer by customer basis. If the Accept Checks field is selected in a customer's record, Retail Pro will accept a check from that customer. If Accept Checks is not selected, and you choose to tender a transaction for that customer with a check, Retail Pro displays a warning message.

If you accept  checks at POS, you can enter key info in the check tender dialog.

  1. Select Check as the Tender Type.    
  2. Enter the amount of the check in the Taken Amount field and then run the check through the scanner or type the check information. Select OK.    
  3. Touch or click the Take button.    
  4. Select Print Update (or Update Only).    
Field Description
Take Amount The amount of the check.
Check # Sequential number assigned to the check.
Routing # Bank routing number.
Account # Bank account number.
Authorization # EFT auth number.

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