Updated: October 18, 2019 8:14am

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate is a form of store credit that can be used to purchase merchandise at some future date. When a customer buys a gift certificate, there is no net sale. The customer pays the amount of the certificate in one currency (such as cash) and receives the same amount as change in the form of a gift certificate. Note: You cannot both redeem (take) and sell (give) a gift certificate on the same transaction.

Central Gift Certificates
The Centrals feature also can be used with gift certificates; however, central gift certificates are considered a separate tender. This topic focuses on regular gift certificates.

Selling a Gift Certificate
When selling the gift certificate, over-tender the receipt in the amount of the certificate. The change is then returned to the customer in the form of a gift certificate.

Redeem a Gift Certificate

  1. Touch or click Tender Transaction.    
  2. Touch or click Tender Type.    
  3. Select Gift Certificate.    
  4. By default, the total amount due on the receipt is listed as the Take Amount (the amount being deducted from the gift certificate). Edit the Take Amount if necessary. Scan or enter the certificate number and press .    
  5. Touch or click the Take button. Tender any remaining amount due and give change (if any).    
  6. Touch or click the Print Update button.    

Giving Change by Gift Certificate
By default, the amount assigned to the certificate number is entered in the Take Amount field. If the Take amount is more than the Total, the change amount is displayed. Select Gift Certificate as the tender type for the change amount and select Give. Select Print \ Update and return the change to the customer.