Updated: November 11, 2020 12:39pm

Store Credit Tender

Prism has two types of store credit: regular store credit and central store credit. This section refers to regular store credit. Store Credit is like store money that can be applied to purchases made with your store or company.

Issuing Store Credit
Store credit is sometimes issued to customers for situations such as:

  • When a special tender such as a gift certificate is used
  • When items are returned beyond the allowed date
  • When the customer makes a return but lacks a physical receipt

To issue store credit as change, make sure the customer is entered on the transaction. Then, when processing change, select Store Credit. The change amount will be applied to the customer's record, updating the Store Credit field.

Redeeming Store Credit
If the customer on a transaction has a store credit balance, when the cashier selects the Tender Transaction button, a prompt is displayed, asking if the store credit should be used.

If the user selects "Yes" to this prompt:

  • If the amount available is more than the transaction total, the transaction total is subtracted from the customer's balance.
  • If the amount available is less than the transaction total, additional tenders must be applied to the transaction.

Customer Required
Store Credit is assigned to the customer record. To be issued store credit or to use store credit, the customer must be entered on the transaction. If a customer is not on the transaction, the Store Credit button is disabled.

Tender Requirements preferences
To use store credit at POS, it must be enabled in Admin Console > Node Preferences > Transactions > Tenders > Tender Requirements.
Tenders Requirements preferences