Updated: October 18, 2019 8:18am

COD Tender

COD stands for cash on delivery and is used for those situations in which payment will be made when the merchandise is delivered, not at the time the sale is made. To use the COD tenders at POS, you must enable the tender in Preferences & Settings > Transactions > Tenders > Requirements as well as enable the tender in the "Customer Allowed Tenders" section of the customer record.

Tender by COD
When tendering by COD, the amount is simply taken with no special handling. The Accounting Link will read the document into the accounting system and actual payment is handled outside of Retail Pro. Users can rename the COD field in RP Prism Preferences, if necessary. A Bill To Customer is required to tender a sale by COD.

  1. Make sure a Customer is entered on the transaction. Go to the Tender screen and then tap or click the Tender Type button.     
  2. Click the COD button.     
  3. Tap or click the Take button.    
  4. Print/update the transaction. Take payment upon delivery.    

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