Updated: October 16, 2020 11:50am


Subsidiaries distinguish individual fiscal or organizational entities within a single company (an enterprise in Prism terminology). For example, a retailer may use a different subsidiary for each country.
To add/edit subsidiaries, select Local Preferences > Node Selection.

node selection

Click the New Subsidiary button.  In the dialog, the next sequential number is entered. You can change the number, if necessary. Enter a name and select the Active checkbox. Select a Base Currency, Country, Season, and Retail Calendar. Save the changes.
Edit Subsidiary dialog:
New subsidiary
Subsidiary Modeling
The Subsidiary Modeling feature allows you to copy merchandise records and preference settings from one subsidiary to another. The data that can be copied during Subsidiary Modeling includes:

  • Inventory: All Inventory records are copied from the model to the target.
  • Departments: All Department records are copied from the model to the target.
  • Vendors: All vendor records are copied from the model to the target.
  • Node Preferences: All node preferences are copied from the model to the target.
  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to the Node Preferences area. Click Node Selection on the menu.    
  2. Find the Subsidiary that will be the target of the operation. This is the subsidiary into which you will copy records. Click the Edit button.    
  3. In the dialog, the Target Subsidiary is hard-coded. Click the Source Subsidiary dropdown and pick the desired subs. Merchandise records will copied from this sub to the Target Sub. If you selected the wrong Target Subsidiary, click Cancel to go back to the list of subs and then find the desired subsidiary and edit it.
  4. Select the individual merchandise record types you want to copy. Selecting Inventory, automatically selects Department and Vendor, too. Click the Apply button.  A confirmation is displayed. The copy process does not take long, but you can check on the status in the Tech Toolkit Scheduler area.    

Subsidiary Modeling is run as a "once only" Scheduled Task.
model subsidiary