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Prism uses a Subsidiary/Store/Workstation hierarchy. This topic has information about working with store records.
When you initialize Prism, the store records for the subsidiaries included in the initialization are copied to the Prism server. You can add/edit store records in RIL Prism Management or Prism.

Add/Edit Stores
To add/edit a store record, in Preferences & Settings > Node Selection, drill down to the desired subsidiary. Keep in mind that RIL's license manager checks the number of active stores. When adding/editing a store, enter details for the store in the Store Information dialog. Save the changes.
Blank store record:
store record

Store Fields

Field Description
Store Number (read-only) The new store is assigned the next sequential number available and the number cannot be edited. Store number limitations (reserved are 250-259, Highest Store is # 999, No Negative Store Numbers.
Store Name (required) Enter a name for the store.
Store Code The store code that identifies the store. The Store Code is a three-digit number that is unique to each subsidiary. That is, there can only be one store 001 per subsidiary. Store numbers 250-259 and 997-999 are reserved.
Subsidiary The subsidiary to which the store is assigned.
Tax Area The tax area that determines the tax rate used on transactions created at the store. Default = none
Price Level You can select to override the global price level setting. Default = installation default
Active Active status. Users can only create transactions at active stores.
Address 1 House number and street name (e.g. 123 Main Street)
Address 2 Suite or apartment number (e.g. suite 200)
Address 3 City and state abbreviation (e.g. San Francisco, CA)
ZIP/Postal Code Enter the ZIP or Postal Code for the store address (e.g. 95630)

Maximum Number of Stores per Subsidiary
Prism supports 987 stores per subsidiary. Some store numbers are reserved. Refer to the following table:

Store Number Range Available or Reserved
0-249 Available
250-259 Reserved
260-996 Available
997-999 Reserved

Employee Store Assignments
To create a transaction at a store, the store must be assigned to that employee's record. You can edit employee store assignments in the employee record of individual employees.