Updated: October 16, 2020 12:20pm


Workstations in Prism are the individual machines running Prism through a web browser. In the RP Prism Admin Console, you can edit workstation records. Note: The first time you edit a Workstation, you must enter a Workstation Number before you can save the changes.
When a user logs in to Prism and creates a document or record, by default, the document or record is created for the Subsidiary/Store entered in the Workstation record of the user's workstation. (Users with the required security permissions can change the SBS/Store when creating a document or record.)
Sample Workstation Record:
Workstation record

The Workstation record is grouped into the following tabs:

Tab Description
General Set the Workstation ID and Type.
Override default settings for Subsidiary, Store, Price Level or Tax Area.
Sequencing Set the starting sequencing number for various document and record types.
HAL Select the HAL used by the workstation and configure settings for EFT.
Printer Types Select the Printer Types available for selection when printing documents.

General Tab
The following table lists the available settings on the General tab of the Workstation record:

Field Description
Workstation Identification Number Enter a unique identifying number for the workstation.
Name (read-only) Displays the name of the current user's workstation.
Type Select the type of workstation this is:
    Point of Sale
    Back Office
Active If selected, the workstation is active and can be used for transactions.
If not selected, the workstation is inactive and cannot be used for transactions.
Subsidiary The Subsidiary is inherited from the store to which the workstation is assigned. If necessary, in the Override Global Settings area you can select a different subsidiary for the workstation.
Store Select the Store to be used on transactions created at this workstation.
Price Level Select the Price Level to use on documents created by this workstation.
Tax Area 1 The Tax Area is inherited from the store to which the workstation is assigned. If necessary, you can select a different tax area.
Tax Area 2 The Tax Area is inherited from the store to which the workstation is assigned. In multi-tax environments, you can select the second tax area used by the workstation.

Sequencing Tab
Enter the starting sequence number for each document or record type.

HAL tab
Select the workstation's HAL from the drop-down. After selecting a HAL, additional tabs become available for configuring Shopper Display, Cash Drawers, OPOS Printers, Genius and/or EFT Customizations.

Printer Types tab
Select the Printer types that will be available when printing documents from this workstation.