Updated: October 12, 2021 8:06am

Coupon Sets (serialized coupons)

Prism's Promotion module includes a Coupons area for creating "coupon sets." A coupon set is a batch of coupons that can be assigned to promotions for validation or reward. Coupon sets enable retailers to easily generate coupons that have a set of shared criteria (e.g., Start/End Dates, Prefix, Set ID).
Basic Steps for Coupon Sets
1.    In the Promotions area, add a new coupon set.
2.    Generate the coupons associated with the coupon set.
3.    Create a promotion that references the coupon set. The coupons in a coupon set can be referenced on the Validation Rules screen or the Reward Rules screen, depending on whether the coupons will validate a promotion or be issued as a reward.
4.    Issue and redeem the coupons at POS.
New Coupon Set
On the Promotions main screen, click the Coupons button on the bottom menu.
The Coupon Set screen is displayed. On this screen, users can work with an existing coupon set or create a new coupon set.
Click the New button on the bottom menu.
 A screen for entering details for the coupon set is displayed. Refer to the table for information about the available fields.
Coupon Set Fields

Field Description
Set ID (Required) Enter an identifier for the coupon set.
Set Name (Required) Enter a name for the coupon set.
Code Prefix Six-characters maximum. Enter the prefix that each coupon will have at the beginning of the code.
Set Start Date The date when coupons in the coupon can be used at POS. Click the Calendar icon to select the first date when coupons in the set will be valid.
Set End Date The date when coupons in the coupon set can no longer be used at POS. Click the Calendar icon to select the last date when coupons in the set will be valid.
Allowed Use Select how often individual coupons in the coupon set can be used.
Once: Coupons in the set can only be used once.
Unlimited: Coupons in the set can be used an unlimited number of times.
Count: Coupons in the set can be used a specific count.
Set Start Date when issued The system will set the start date to be a certain number of days after the coupon is issued.
Set End Date when issued You can set the end date to be a certain number of days after the coupon is issued.
Generate Codes when unavailable If selected, when all available coupon codes have been used, new coupon codes will be automatically generated when needed

Sample new coupon set screen:
New coupon set

After entering details for the coupon set, click the Save button. Click the Close button.
Next, search for the coupon set you just created.
Select the coupon set and click the Edit button
edit coupon set

The Coupon List pane for the coupon set is now active. The Coupon List area has a set of buttons at the bottom for working with coupons.
Click Generate.
Generate coupon set modal

A modal is displayed for entering the number of coupons, etc. In the Count field enter the desired number of coupons.
If you defined a Start Date and End Date for the coupon set, those dates will be entered. Users can modify the dates if needed.
Note: If the Issued check box is selected, then the generated coupon codes will be marked as "Issued". If the check box is cleared, then coupon codes won't be marked as Issued until the code is issued at POS.
When ready, click OK.
Generate coupon set modal

The coupons are generated according to the instructions entered in the Coupon Details area.
Sample coupon list:
coupon set coupon list

Edit Serial Coupon Code
To edit a coupon code, select the code and click the Edit button. You can edit the Coupon Code and/or Start and End Dates.
edit serial code in coupon list

Assign Coupon Set as Validation or Reward
You can assign a Coupon Set as either a validation or a reward on a promotion.

  • If a coupon set is referenced on the Validation screen, then a customer must present the coupon at POS to receive the promotion's reward.
  • If a coupon set is referenced on the Reward screen, then a customer will be rewarded with a coupon from the coupon set at POS (when the customer's purchases validate the promotion).

Assign Coupon Set as Promo Validation
On the Validation Rules tab, you will see a checkbox for Coupon.
validation rules coupon checkbox

Click the Coupon checkbox.
The UI refreshes. A Serialized checkbox is now available.
Validation rules serialization checkbox

Click the Serialized checkbox.
 coupon set validation rules
When you click the Serialized check box, a dropdown for selecting a Coupon Set is displayed. Select the desired Coupon Set. (to add a new coupon set, click the Plus sign icon)
 serialized checkbox selected
Assign Coupon Set on Promotion Reward Rules
1.    If the Promotion Type is set to "Coupon," then on the Reward Rules screen, users will see a Coupon check box.
coupon reward rules 
2.    If you click the Coupon check box, the UI refreshes. Users can enter a single coupon code or click the Serialized checkbox and select a coupon set.
coupon set reward rules

3.    Upon clicking the Serialized checkbox, the UI refreshes again. Users can select a coupon set from the dropdown. Alternatively, users can click the checkbox to add a new coupon set on the fly.
4.    Save the changes.
Select coupon set UI
Import Coupons
Instead of having Prism generate the list of coupon codes, you can import a .csv file that has a comma-separated list of codes. Prism will use the codes in the .csv file when generating coupon codes. On the Coupon Set screen, click the Import button. In the Import File field, click Choose File and navigate to the location of the .csv file. Select the file and click Open. Click OK to close the Import screen.
Sample Import Coupon screen:
import coupons screen

Edit Coupon Sets to Reuse Coupons
Users can edit coupon sets as a group. Change the "Used" count for all coupon codes back to zero. This enables the coupon set to be reused again.
For example, a merchant gives a weekly coupon to each employee. The employees can use the coupon at the company's snack shop. The coupon given to the employees each week uses the same ID. The coupons never expire, but the coupon can only be used once per week. If the coupon is used, it is expired until the following week.
Using the new Edit Set button on the Coupon Set UI, a user can reset all the coupons, enabling them to be reused.
When the user clicks Edit Set, a modal opens. The changes made in the modal are applied to all coupons in the set. Editable values are "Issued", "Used", "Start Date" and "End Date".
Coupon set edit