Updated: October 18, 2019 10:06am

Decimal Quantity Items

Decimal quantity items are items that can be sold as a unit or as a fractional part of the whole. This feature is especially useful for items that are sold by weight (e.g. foodstuffs) or by length (e.g. fabric).
When a user lists a decimal-quantity item on a document, a prompt is displayed so the user can enter the desired decimal quantity for the document. The number of decimals available is based on the value of the Quantity Decimals field in the item record in Prism Inventory (0 to 3). The default quantity displayed in the prompt is 1, but you can modify the quantity.
quantity decimal field

You can control the display of the prompt via a preference. If the "Prompt for decimal qty items" preference is selected (Node Preferences > Transactions >General), then a prompt will be displayed, enabling you set the desired decimal quantity for the item. Below is a sample of the prompt displayed at POS. Modify the Quantity as needed and then click Add Item to bring the item at the specified decimal quantity to the document.
decimal quantity prompt

You can also modify the decimal quantity by going into Item Details and editing the Doc Quantity.

Item details decimal quantity