Updated: October 18, 2019 9:37am

Case Quantity Items

For items that are ordered and/or sold by the case, you can pdefine the number of units per case in inventory and then display/enter the item's case quantities as well as unit quantities in inventory and on all documents (except memos). To display case quantities, you will need to enter the number of units per case. The OH Qty is divided by the Units/Case value to determine the item's Case Quantity.
Note: In Prism Node Preferences > Purchasing > Purchase Orders, you can set an option to restrict orders of case quantity items to whole cases (Order by cases only).
To record case quantities in inventory:

  1. Display the item in edit mode.
  2. Enter the number of units per case for each by-the-case item in the Units/Case field.
  3. Enter the item's total quantity in the Store OH Qty field. The system will divide the Store OH Qty by the Units/Case value to come up with the case quantity in the Case Qty field.

Sample item record showing Units/Case and Case Quantity fields

case quantity field

The Units/Case that you enter will be displayed in the Item Details when the item is listed on a document. Note that you cannot edit the Units/Case value on a document. The Units/Case can only be modified in the inventory record.
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