Updated: May 4, 2021 12:35pm

Zone PI

Zones enable you to conduct a physical inventory on a smaller scale. When you finish counting a zone, you merge the zone's counts into the Store PI. You can readily see which zones have been counted and even view the individual item counts and differences for a zone. Any zone counts information that was not merged is not included when inventory quantities are updated. The information does remain part of the store's PI file, though, and is available if the PI update is reversed. (Note: If using the sublocations feature, you must use zone PI)
Basic Steps for using Zones
1.    Configure preferences to use zones.
2.    Create a store PI sheet, just as if you were creating a Store PI.
3.    Within the store PI sheet, add zones.
4.    For each zone, go into the zone sheet and add counts.
5.    Merge the counts for each zone into the store PI sheet.
6.    Send the PI sheet to RIL Prism Management for updating.

Configure Preferences to use Zones
To use zones, you must enable the feature in preferences. After you enable Zone PIs in preferences, the UI elements needed for working with zones are made visible in the Physical Inventory UI.
1.    Navigate to the Admin Console > Node Preferences > Merchandise > PI Sheet area.
2.    Select Zone from the Physical Inventory Type drop-down. Save the changes.
Prism PI Preferences

New (Zone) PI
Start a new zone PI by first creating a store PI sheet.
Navigate to Store Operations > Merchandise > Physical Inventory. Click the New button.  Enter a name for the PI and click Save. (If a PI already exists for the store, you will be prompted to overwrite.)
new zone pi

Highlight the PI sheet you just created and click the PI Sheet button. Click the Zones button on the bottom toolbar.
PI sheet with Zones button

If you have any zones already created, they will be listed here. To add a new zone, click the New button. Enter a Name for the zone and a description in the Notes area. Click Create.

New Zone

The zone is added to the list. Create additional zones in the same manner as needed.
Add Zone Counts
To add counts when using zones, you first must drill down to the desired Zone.
1.    With the PI sheet displayed, click the Zones button on the bottom menu.   
PI Sheet with Zone button on bottom menu
3.   Select the desired zone in the list of zones and click the Zone Sheet button. 
PI zone sheet button

The list of items on the zone sheet is displayed.
PI zone sheet items
4.    Click the Add Counts tab. Navigate to the Item Lookup area. You can scan each unit individually, in which the counts will accumulate for each item, or you can scan one unit and type the quantity or use the arrow buttons to adjust the quantity. To add the item and quantity to the sheet, click the Add Counts button.
Zone Add Counts

The item and its quantity are added to the list of Zone Sheet counts. Enter counts for additional items in the same manner.

Toolbar on Add Counts screen
At the bottom of the PI Sheet screen (and the Zone > Add Counts screen) is a toolbar for working with the scanned items. The Clear Sel and Clear All buttons enable you to clear counts if you need to start over
add counts bottom menu

Merge Zone Counts
Merge the counts that you enter on the Add Counts screen with any other counts that exist for the Zone Sheet. When you merge counts from the Add Counts screen, the counts are added to the existing counts; the counts from the Add Counts screen DO NOT OVERWRITE the existing counts. (Note: After the merge, you can manually edit the Scan Qty of individual items, if necessary.)
To merge the counts that are on the Add Counts screen, click the Merge button.  A warning is displayed. Click Yes to proceed.
merge counts info
The counts are merged with the existing counts for the item(s).

Merge Zones with PI Sheet
When you are finished counting zones, merge the counted zones into the store's PI sheet. When merging zones, you can merge a single zone into a store PI by selecting the zone and clicking the Merge button, or you can merge multiple zones by marking the zones first and then clicking Merge Marked. If the same item is counted in Zone A and the counts are merged, and then the same item is counted in Zone B, the item's count from Zone B, when merged, will overwrite the counts from Zone A.
Merge a single zone
Select the checkmark in the left column for the zone. Click Actions > Merge.
merge zone

Merge Multiple Zones
First, mark the zones you want to merge. Navigate to the list of PI Zones. Click the left column to select a zone. Click the Actions button and select Mark from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can select Mark All to mark all displayed zones. Merging adds the zone's counts to the store PI Sheet. In the list of zones, the Merged field for the zone is selected. After a zone's counts have been merged, if you need to change the zone's counts, you will need to unmerge the counts and then edit the individual zone sheet.
Unmerge a Zone
If you need to make any changes to the zone counts, you must first unmerge the zone from the store PI. Navigate to the list of PI Zones. Click the left column to select a zone.  Click the Actions button and click Unmerge. This removes the zone's counts from the store PI sheet. Note: The Marked flag is not selected automatically when you unmerge a zone. You will have to remark the zone after making whatever changes are needed.
Physical Inventory Permissions
You can control employee access to the Physical Inventory feature.

Permission Description
Physical Inventory - Access Allows group members to access and use the features of the Physical Inventory area.
Physical Inventory - Activate/Deactivate PI Sheet Allows group members to activate and deactivate Physical Inventory sheets
Physical Inventory - Create New PI Sheet Allow group members to create a new PI sheet (with or without a filter).
Physical Inventory - Create New PI Zone  Allows group members to create a new PI zone.
Physical Inventory - Delete Zone Allows group members to delete a PI zone.
Physical Inventory - Edit PI Sheet   Allow group members to access the Edit button to edit a PI Sheet Name or Notes.
Physical Inventory - Edit PI Zone Allows group members to edit the Name and Notes field of a PI Zone.
Physical Inventory - Modify PI Sheet Counts Allows group members to edit the counts for a PI sheet.
Physical Inventory - Modify PI Zone Counts Allows group members to access the Add Counts screen
Physical Inventory - Print PI Sheet Allows group members to print PI sheets.
Print PI Zone Sheet Allows group members to print PI zone sheets.
Physical Inventory - Send PI Sheet Allows group members to send a PI to Retail Pro 9
Physical Inventory - Update PI Sheet Start Quantities Allow group members to access the Update Start Qty button for PIs to reset the Start Qty for all items to their current OH Qty in inventory at the PI store.
Physical Inventory - Zone Merge Allows group members to merge physical inventory zones. This adds the zone and its counts to the store PI sheet.
Physical Inventory - Zone Unmerge Allow group members to unmerge a physical inventory zone. This removes the zone and its counts from the store PI sheet