Updated: October 13, 2021 1:03pm

Chapter 27. Employee Groups

Prism 1.14.7 User's Guide Chapter 27. Employee Groups PDF

Prism 2.0 User's Guide Chapter 27. Employee Groups PDF

This chapter has information about working with the Group Management area of Prism. In Group Management, users can work with group records and change permission settings.  Prism uses a role-based security system in which permissions are assigned to groups and individual employees are assigned to groups. The employees assigned to each group inherit the permissions assigned to the group. Prism comes with a default set of groups that represent typical key roles in a retail operation; however, you can define as many groups as needed.

For each group, users can:

  • Select the employees who are group members
  • Select the permissions that group members are allowed to use (default = deny)

When you initialize a Prism server, employee groups are copied from the POA to the new server. Users will then have access to all the groups defined in POA. Add or remove employees from groups by editing the employee's record.
Sample Group Management screen:
Group management screen showing permission list