Updated: September 25, 2020 3:13pm

View/Edit Group Members

Each employee must be assigned to one or more groups. The group(s) that an employee is assigned to determines the features and areas of Prism that the employee can use. Prism comes with a default set of groups and you can add your own custom groups.
In Group Management, find the group want to edit. Click the check mark on the left column.
Click the Employee Assignments button on the bottom toolbar.
Group list

A list of individual employees is displayed.

Type the name of an employee and press the Enter key. The list is filtered to show employees that match the filter criteria. In the screenshot below, we searched for the employee named Art. Notice the search returned an employee named Art and an employee with the letters "art" in the last name.
Filtered list of employees
Employees who are assigned to the group have the boxes checked. Employees who are not assigned to the group are unchecked. You can filter the list to display only checked or unchecked employees by clicking the buttons. In the upper-right is a Check All button that can be used to select the checkboxes for all employees.
When finished, save the changes.
The All button is a toggle that changes between All and Check None. This enables you to easily select or clear the check boxes for the employees listed.