Updated: September 25, 2020 3:37pm

New Employee Group

Navigate to Store Operations > Employees.
Click the Group Management button.
Groups button
Click the New button on the bottom toolbar.
In the Details area, enter a Group Name. Group names are limited to eight letters so that the group names can replicate to RIL.
(Optional) Enter a Description that gives more detailed information about the group and its permissions.
In the Permissions area, select the individual permissions that will be allowed for group members. You can search the list by typing in the text box. In the example below, the list is filtered to show only permissions with the word "change."
When finished, click Save. After the new group is saved,  click the Edit button and assign employees.
New group named TEST
 To assign employees, click Employee Assignments.
Select the checkbox for each employee who will be a member of this group. (Use the All/None toggle button to select/clear all employees)
employee list
Click Save.