Updated: September 19, 2022 1:25pm

Close Order

Closing the order enables retailers to:

  • Cancel the ordering of the item(s)
  • Gracefully return the deposit balance to the customer
  • Prevent future editing of the order

To close an order:

  1. Use Transaction Lookup to find and display the original order transaction.    
  2. Touch or click the Order Details button.    
  3. Touch or click the Close Order button.
  4. If When you close an order that has an unused deposit amount, the Deposit Refund dialog is displayed. Select a Tender Type, click the Give button, and then click either Confirm and Print or OK.

Close Order deposit refund
Security Permission
Only employees who belong to a group that is assigned the Close Orders permission will have access to the Close Order button.

Choose Tender when Returning Order Deposits
The tenders that are available when closing an order are those tenders that have the Deposit Refund checkbox selected in Tender Requirements preferences. By default, Store Credit is the only tender selected; however, you can select other tenders in preferences as needed (except for certain tenders like debit card).

Refund Deposit to Credit Card or Gift Card
When closing an order, users can return deposit amounts to a credit card or gift card.

  • This feature does not check if the card to which the refund is made is the same card used for the deposit (if the deposit was made by credit card).
  • Keyed entry is disabled when refunding a deposit to a card. Card information must be entered by swiping the card.
  • The refund deposit to card feature is ONLY supported for Genius 1.0 users when not configured for Store & Forward. For Genius 2.0 users, the refund deposit to card feature is available with or without Store & Forward.

To configure Tender Requirements preferences:
Navigate to Admin Console > Node Preferences > Transactions > Tenders > Tender Requirements. For the Credit Card and/or Gift Card tenders, select BOTH the checkbox for "Return" and the checkbox for Deposit Refund.
Save the changes.

 Sample Tender Requirements preferences showing Take/Give/Return and the Deposit Refund checkbox selected for the credit card tender:

Tender requirements deposit refund
When preferences are configured to allow deposit refunds by credit card and a user tries to close an order that has deposits, a modal is displayed for selecting the desired tender for the deposit return.
Select Credit Card or Gift Card in the Tender Type drop-down, enter card information and click Give.
Deposit refund modal

The tender is added to the transaction. Click OK to complete the deposit refund.
Deposit refund modal after adding credit card tender