Updated: June 19, 2023 7:53am

Prism Licensing

Prism 2.x is a licensed product. During installation of Prism 2.x and above, users are required to enter a valid Client ID and License Key (Software Assurance (SA) code). This means that the client must purchase Prism licensing and SA must be current.
The screenshot below shows licensing for Retail Pro Prism Standard. The Client ID that users must enter when installing Prism 2.0 is shown on the licensing screen.  (masked in the screenshot below).
Prism 2.0 License Client ID

The second piece of information that must be entered when installing Prism is the SA Code (License Key). The SA Code, can be found in the Activation Details area.
Prism 2.0 License Validation Key screen

Prompt to enter licensing information during Prism 2.0 Installation
During the Prism Server installation, after the user clicks "I accept the agreement" and clicks the Next > button, the Prism License Check will begin. Enter the Client ID and License Key (SA Code) and click Validate.
 After the Client ID and License Key (SA Code) have been validated, the following information is displayed:
"Licensed to "
"Valid Until "
In the screenshot below, the Client Name (for testing purposes) is "Prism 2.0 UID and CODE". 
Click the Next > button to proceed with the rest of the Prism server installation.
Prism license validated