Updated: October 5, 2021 10:18am

System Requirements

These recommendations for installing Retail Pro Prism are current at the time of publication; however, the availability of specific hardware and/or software requirements is subject to change without express notification from Retail Pro International, LLC.  These recommendations assume Retail Pro Prism is the only application installed and running, (except for associated database and operating system). Additional requirements may be needed for the associated database, operating system and any ancillary software. Before installing Retail Pro Prism, verify your system meets at least one level (Minimum, Normal, or Ideal) of these requirements.

32-bit not supported for Prism Server
The Prism Server requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM (8GB is preferred and 16GB is even better) and therefore must be run on a 64-bit system. A 32-bit system can only run a maximum of 2GB of RAM. You can only install the Prism Client and Prism Proxy on a 32-bit system. The 32-bit system could then host the browser used to connect to a server, or could host the Proxy, but not the full Prism server.

Operating System and Hard Disk

Technology Area System Requirements
Operating System

Minimum: Windows 10
Normal: Windows Server 2016
Ideal: Windows Server 2019


Minimum: 2Ghz (x86 processor*, Dual Core)
Normal: 2GHz or faster (x64 processor, Quad Core)
Ideal: 2Ghz or faster (x64 processor, 6 Core, Xeon Server-class)
*32-bit systems are only supported for a Prism client and Proxy install running in a web browser.

Memory (RAM) Minimum: 4gb RAM
Normal: 4gb RAM (x86); 8gb RAM (x64)
Ideal: 16gb RAM (requires x64-based system architecture)
Disk Space Minimum: 500gb or greater (Single SATA), 5400rpm)
Normal: 1tb or greater (Single SATA), 7200rpm)
Ideal: 2tb or greater (SCSI; RAID 0 +1; 15000rpm)
Display Minimum: XGA (1024 x 768) monitor
Normal: XGA (1024 x 768) touch-capable monitor
Ideal: XGA (1024 x 768) touch-capable monitor
Backup Devices Minimum: External HD or similar storage device
Normal: DLT or DAT drive
Ideal: Offsite DLT storage
Network Communication Minimum: 100Mbit Ethernet
Normal: 1Gbit Ethernet
Ideal: 1Gbit Fiber

Prism Web Client Requirements

Technology Area System Requirements
Browser Browser Requirements: HTML5, CSS3,  JavaScript
Supported Browsers: Edge, Chrome, Safari
Monitor Recommended: Touch-capable monitor

Prism Proxy Workstation Requirements

Technology Area System Requirements

PC compatible keyboard; mouse or other Windows compatible pointing device; OPOS compatible line display and cash drawer, bar code scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, magnetic stripe reader (MSR) for non-EFT use, customer-facing EFT payment terminal**, EFT pin-pad, check reader (MICR), signature capture device, or line display**

The payment vendor should be consulted about EFT hardware for your payment system.

Required Retail Pro Integration Layer (RIL) Version
You should be on the latest release of RIL Oracle Database and RIL Prism Management to take advantage of full Prism functionality.
Time Requirements for Initialization
The amount of time required to initialize Prism will depend on the size of your database, especially the size of inventory and customers. The larger the data set, the more time is required. Please set aside enough time for initialization to complete.
Required RIL Configuration
To successfully initialize the Prism server, make sure the following settings are configured in RIL Prism Management:

  • Make sure all inventory items have an entry in the Local UPC field.
  • Configure all the settings required when setting up a store, such as Price Levels , Fees, Taxes, and Store Information.
  • Make sure all needed employee groups are defined and employees are assigned to groups.
  • Make sure all users, including the SYSADMIN user, are assigned to the stores where they will create transactions (RIL Prism Management > Employee Mgmt > Employees) area.
  • Perform regular tuning and other database maintenance tasks