Updated: October 13, 2023 11:18am

Required Open Ports

Make sure the following ports are open on any firewalls in use on machines/devices running Prism.

Program Open Port Requirement
Apache 80 and 443
Oracle 1521
Prism License Server 6470
Prism Proxy 443 (outgoing connection to Apache) and 8080-8089 (configurable, depends on number of Proxies) 

80 (v2.0 and later)
50025 (v1.14.7 and earlier)

  • In Prism 2.x, the dedicated Centrals service is removed and instead Centrals is handled by the POSv1 and Common services. Prism 2.x doesn't require a specific port to be open EXCEPT port 80 on the store web server. If port 80 on the store web server is not open or is being used by something else, Prism and the Centrals Server will be unable to establish connectivity through a REST connection.
  • In Prism 1.14.7 and earlier, there is a dedicated Centrals service that uses port 50025 and requires it be open.  The Centrals server should be at the root installation, not at the store, so in Prism 1.14.7, port 50025 should be open at the ROOT level. There is no need to keep port 50025 open on the Prism 1.14.7 store network. 
AMQ 5671, 5672
RabbitMQ (erl.exe) 4369,5671-5672,25672, 35672-35682,53793, 61613, 61614
RabbitMQ Console 15672
RabbitMQ 61614
Krunch 8090