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Start/Exit RP Prism

Employee usernames and passwords are copied to the Prism server during initialization. To launch RP Prism, you must enter a valid username/password. The user must be assigned to an employee group. Use the Prism Proxy shortcut to log in. Windows 10 users must use the right-click "Run as Administrator" option launch Prism.

  1. Double-click the Proxy icon for your device. Note: Windows 10 users, use the right-click "Run as Administrator" option. A web browser will launch and display the Prism login screen.    
  2. Enter your username and password and touch or click the Login button. Prism loads and launches. Default username = sysadmin; Default password = sysadmin    
  3. By default, the main menu of the POS module is displayed. Select New Transaction to start a new transaction.    
  4. To navigate to a different area, touch or click the Retail Pro button and then select the desired area from the Prism Menu.     

Prism Login dialog


Exit Prism
1.    Touch or click the Retail Pro button.    
2.    Select the Logout option from the Prism menu.  

Prism menu

The server to which you are connecting is displayed in the lower-left corner of the login dialog.
Auto Logout, Force Logout Preferences
RP Prism includes two preferences that can be used to automatically log out employees:

Preference Description
Automatically Lock Workstation Employees > General
If selected, workstations for the store will be locked after the specified number of minutes without activity. By default, the lockout period is set to 15, meaning that if there is no activity on a workstation for 15 minutes, the workstation will be locked. When the lockout time is reached, a prompt is displayed in the Retail Pro screen. To unlock the workstation, a user must log in with a valid Retail Pro username/password combination.
You must refresh (reload) your browser for the change to take effect. If the same user logs in to the prompt, the user will be in the same location as when the lockout took effect. If a different user logs in, the user will be returned to the RP Prism Point of Sale home screen.
Force Logout

Transactions > General
If this option is enabled, Prism will automatically log out the current user immediately when a transaction is updated. This feature is especially useful for businesses where multiple employees share the same workstation. This feature helps ensure the correct Associate is entered on each transaction. Using this feature helps prevent situations in which User A logs in, walks away from the workstation, and user B then finishes the transaction or creates a new transaction while still logged in as User A. This creates inaccuracies in Associate information with the potential to impact commissions. If selected, the current user will be logged out when any of the following actions occur: Update, cancel or hold a transaction, or when a transaction is automatically generated (e.g. when using the "Purchase Store Credit" feature for customers)(Default = disabled)

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