Updated: August 17, 2022 11:20am

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About Retail Pro Reports 10.0
Retail Pro Prism Reports uses KRUNCH - Powered by SLICeR for the reports engine.

  • Krunch is a comprehensive web-based reporting solution for Retail Pro Prism users
  • It provides valuable insights at different layers, from regular operational reports to deeper insights into business operations through dimensional analysis.
  • At the heart of Krunch lies a powerful query engine, which connects to your Prism database and pulls out relevant data in real time. Powerful queries can be built using metatags even if you are not familiar with databases, SQL or Retail Pro Prism technical details.
  • The list of records pulled from Prism by Krunch in a single query is referred to as a report.
  • Report development and running are integrated in Krunch, which allows for easy creation of ad hoc and one-off reports which can be created and run on the fly.
  • Reports can be run by the system automatically, at predefined times or intervals as scheduled by you, and the results sent out as email attachments. Results are automatically archived for a month which can be downloaded.
  • All reports run in a scheduled manner are archived and the result sets can be extracted later. Thus, the reports over time can be studied for trend analysis.
  • Runtime Filters is a powerful feature, incorporated in Krunch, to set report conditions (filters) on the data set just before the query is run. This provides for easy extraction of data for different conditions, which can be set in an ad hoc manner.
  • A dashboard option is provided where up to 6 KPIs can be viewed as charts in a single screen, which provides a bird's eye view of the health of your business. There is a provision to have 3 separate dashboards in Krunch.
  • Krunch comes with comprehensive User Management and Access Control mechanism which is accessible only under administrative control. Users can be provided or denied access to certain functionality, tables, columns, or reports. Users can be clubbed into roles and access control can be managed for a role which is applicable to all members in that role.
  • Thus insights can be derived on your business in different ways using Krunch
  • Predefined reports (Run at any time or schedule to run at predetermined time intervals)
  • Ad-hoc queries (one off queries created and run by expert users on the fly)
  • Dashboards for high level tracking of KPIs in a regular manner