Updated: October 30, 2020 12:20pm

Rename Prism Host

This topic has information about required steps and reconfiguration when renaming a computer that has Prism installed. These special steps and reconfiguration ensure the machine can rejoin enterprise using the new name. Use the Reconfigure Host Computer tool in Prism Technician's Toolkit to do the necessary reconfiguration.

  • The process described in this topic requires disconnecting data links between servers; therefore, the process should be done when no sales or other activity is taking place.
  • This tool is intended to be used only in conjunction with computer name changes not for changes like changing or joining workgroups or domains.  

Basic Steps

  1. Check enterprise connections and leave the enterprise. If the host computer has subordinates, those subordinates must disconnect and leave the enterprise as well.
  2. Change the computer name using the Windows System Properties feature. Don't restart the computer after changing the name!
  3. Launch Technician's Toolkit and run Step 1 of the Reconfiguration Process.
  4. Run Step 2 of the Reconfiguration Process.
  5. Rejoin the enterprise. If the host computer has subordinates, those subordinates must rejoin the enterprise as well.

Check Enterprise Connections and Leave the Enterprise
Launch TechToolkit.exe from the desktop shortcut using the right-click "Run as Administrator" option and log in.
Select your machine from the "Current Connection" drop-down.
Click the Enterprise Manager button. Log in if prompted.
Click Leave the Enterprise. (Note: If a password was defined for the connection, you will be prompted to log in again.)

Change the computer name using Windows System Properties
The interface and steps to change the computer name in Windows System Properties will vary depending on your version of Windows.
(In Windows 10)
Navigate to the Control Panel > System and Security. In the System area, click "See the Name of this Computer."
In the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings area, click Change Settings.
In the System Properties modal, click the Computer Name tab. Click the Change button.
Enter the new name. Click OK.
VERY IMPORTANT: After renaming, you will be prompted to restart the computer. DO NOT RESTART the computer when prompted by Windows. Instead return to the Reconfigure Host Computer tool and continue the renaming process. DO NOT RESTART THE COMPUTER!
Run Step 1 of the Reconfiguration Process
You must log in to the computer with the credentials of the user that installed Prism and RabbitMQ. If Prism was installed by a different user than RabbitMQ, log in as the user that installed RabbitMQ.
In Prism Tech Toolkit, click the Reconfigure Host Computer button.Reconfigure Renamed Host button
Notice that the Reconfiguration Process combo box is not set yet.
rename server
Select Step 1 from the Reconfiguration Process combo box. When you select "1" in the combo box, additional fields are displayed on the right. In the New Computer Name field, enter the new name for the server. This must match the computer name you entered in Windows System Properties. In the Prism Database Type field, select the type of database that is installed on the machine that is being renamed: Oracle or MySQL
Click the Start Reconfig Process button.
 Rename server UI
Step 1 takes only a few seconds to run. Near the end of Step 1, an error message will display, informing you that the connection to RabbitMQ has been lost. Ignore this message. The process stops RabbitMQ on purpose. The computer will reboot automatically.
After reboot, re-login as the same user.
After login, a program immediately launches to complete RabbitMQ reconfiguration. This process takes several minutes to complete. A progress form will display the actions being taken and provide Step 2 instructions at the end.
Run Step 2 of the Reconfiguration Process
Step 2 updates Prism tables with the host's new name. This step must be run before using Prism and before rejoining the enterprise. Make sure all other applications are closed and then launch Tech Toolkit and log in.
In the Reconfiguration Process combo box, select "2".
Press the Start button.
The process should take less than one minute; however, various services are stopped and restarted and on some systems this may take longer. If Step 2 takes longer than one minute you may receive a time-out error message. If you receive such a time-out error, click OK and then wait 15 seconds. Next, check the Enterprise Manager tool in the Tech Toolkit. You should see the updated server address for the Controller record.
Rejoin the Enterprise
Rejoin the host computer to the enterprise (Note: If the host has any subordinate servers, rejoin those subordinates to the host first).
Post Process Considerations
Regenerating SSL Certificates
If Prism or RabbitMQ are using SSL, their certificates must be regenerated after the rename process completes. After regenerating the certificate for Prism, you may use the Prism Tech Toolkit SSL Manager to apply the new certificate.
Updating Retail Pro License
If Retail Pro RIL (or Retail Pro 9) is installed on the machine, you will need to contact Retail Pro to update that license because the license is based, in part, on the computer name.