Updated: June 23, 2021 1:37pm

RIL Conversion Tool


The RIL Conversion tool (RILConv.exe) prepares a Retail Pro 9 system for upgrade to RIL. The tool cleans up your Retail Pro 9 files, folders and registry keys and performs other tasks that enable you to install RIL Management. After running the RILConv.exe tool, install RIL Management and RIL Communication as part of the Prism install for (or above).

The tool will systematically:

  • Shutdown executables (e.g. Retail Pro 9, ECM)
  • Stop and uninstall services
  • Unregister and uninstall (delete) plugin dlls
  • Make backup copies of the ECM (Backup-ECM) and RetailPro9 (Backup-RetailPro9) folders.
  • Remove Retail Pro 9 and ECM folders
  • Remove registry keys.
  • Add new RIL registry keys for Oracle database
  • Remove Retail Pro 9 licensing

Inactivate Licensing before running tool
Before running the tool, inactive V9 licensing using ServiceManager.exe. When running the tool, you will see an option to Enable RIL Trial Mode. It is important to select this checkbox when running the conversion. If you run the conversion without selecting the checkbox, LicenseServer.exe is removed and the system is left in an inactive state. By enabling Trial Mode, the system stays active; RIL Licensing can then be activated later.

  1. Inactivate v9 licensing using ServiceManager.exe.
  2. Run the RIL Conversion tool with the "Enable RIL Trial Mode" checkbox selected.
  3. Activate RIL licensing using RIL ServiceManager.exe.

Version compatibility
The tool is compatible with Retail Pro 9.4.10 and above. If you are on an earlier version of Retail Pro 9, you must upgrade to 9.4.10 (or above) first. The tool should only be run by existing Retail Pro 9 users when ready to transition to RIL. Do not try to run the RIL installer without first running the RILConv.exe tool.
Before Running the Tool
Ensure that all data entry has stopped and replication has enough time to complete.
Make a complete backup of:

  • Your database, including Oracle database (not necessary for client-only installs)
  • Retail Pro 9 translation files
  • All addons, customizations, etc.
  • All Licensing (using ServiceManager.exe).
  • ECM security configuration and profiles

Launch and Run the RIL Conversion Tool
Contact Retail Pro Technical Support to obtain the RIL Conversion tool. They will tell you where to download the tool. After you download the tool, copy it to the system that is undergoing the conversion.
Use Windows Explorer to navigate to and launch RILConv.exe.
Select the Enable RIL Trial Mode checkbox. and click the Run Process button.
RIL Conversion UI
A confirmation is displayed. Click Yes to proceed.
 RIL Conversion start
Processing starts. You can view the progress of the RIL conversion process in the text box.
When the process is finished, click OK.
RIL Conversion finished

\Backup-ECM, \Backup-RetailPro9 folders
As part of the conversion process, the tool makes backup copies of the main program folders before removing the originals. In the same root directory (e.g. C:\) you will find two new folders: \Backup-ECM and \Backup-RetailPro9
These backup folders provide access to legacy reports, layouts and document designs.
Install RIL Management and RIL Communication
After the conversion process finishes, install the RIL Management component. After installing RIL Management, be sure to reboot the computer. Following the reboot, install RIL Communications. Reconfigure RIL Communication (ECM) and then resume normal operations

Prompt displayed when running tool on combined client-server install
The conversion tool is intended to be run on "server-only" installations. If you have both the Retail Pro 9 server and client installed, you will see a warning. Click Yes to proceed or No to cancel.
Log Files
After the process finishes, click the Save Log button to save the log file. The log file is saved to the same folder from which RilConv.exe was launched. Navigate to the folder and open the log file using Notepad or other text editor.
The RILConv.ini file is automatically created when you launch the RILConv.exe. You can edit the file as needed. For example, you can change the log level or enter a Log Path to save the log files to a specific folder.

RIL Conversion and Reports
The RIL conversion process deletes the RPRO9Reports.exe file, so you can't view built-in or custom reports using Report Viewer. Prism uses a different reporting system called Krunch Reports. Currently there is no way to migrate reports from Retail Pro 9 to Prism without manually recreating the reports. For example, using the retailer's own copy of Crystal Reports, the report writer can review the report layout and configuration and then recreate the report in Krunch Reports using the same (or similar) fields.
Can the HQ remain on Retail Pro 9 (for reporting purposes)?
Some retailers may wonder if it is possible to keep the HQ server on Retail Pro 9 and Oracle so that existing custom reports can still be run. Unfortunately this is considered a non-standard environment and is not supported under the current model.