Updated: October 18, 2019 10:10am

Protected Fields

Certain fields that are important to tracking inventory and customer values can only be modified by documents at higher authority This protects the integrity of inventory valuations and customer balances and ensures that the values are not overwritten during Day-to-Day replication. In Prism, we refer to these fields as Protected Fields.

  • When replicated from a subordinate to a POA DOES NOT OVERWRITE the key fields at the POA.
  • When replicated from a POA to a subordinate, the files DO OVERWRITE the key fields at the subordinate.

Protected fields in inventory and customer records (with table name)

  • Customer table: CreditLimit,  CreditUsed, StoreCredit, FirstSaleDate, LastSaleDate, LastReturnDate, LastSaleAmt    
  • Invn_Sbs_Item table: FirstRcvdDate, LastRcVdDate, LastSoldDate
  • Invn_Sbs_Price table: Price        
  • Invn_Sbs_Item_Qty table: Qty, TransferInQty, TransferOutQty, SoldQty, RcvdQty, OnOrderedQty, ASNInTransitQty, LatOnHandQtyDate, ToInOrderedQty, TOInSentQty, ToOutOrderedQty, ToOutSendQty, PoOrderedQty, SoOrderedQty, SoSentQty