Updated: May 11, 2021 10:23am

Leave the Enterprise

Administrators can leave the enterprise. This sometimes is necessary due to store closings or changes in the corporate hierarchy. Leaving the enterprise will remove records from the POA and local machine. Later, the machine can rejoin the same POA, if desired. This enables retailers to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining the integrity of the replication hierarchy.
Before leaving the enterprise, be sure to disconnect the Prism server's connection(s). If the Prism server is still connected, it will continue to try to communicate with the other side of the connection.
Leaving Rules and Notes
When leaving the enterprise:

  • Unless otherwise noted, all the data from the enterprise remains on both sides of the separation.
  • The Controller records for the opposite side of the separation are archived.
  • The Remote Connection records connecting each side are deleted

Log in to Tech Toolkit at the node that will leave the enterprise. Click the hamburger icon for the node and select Leave the Enterprise.