Updated: October 7, 2020 3:11pm

Rejoin the Enterprise

This topic is currently under construction; check back later for updates.
Note: The following process explains how to rejoin a server to the enterprise in Prism 1.14.7. By "rejoin" we mean the server was previously part of a Prism enterprise and then the server was removed from the enterprise by a user at the POA.
Did the server suffer a catastrophic failure (e.g. hard-drive)?
If the server suffered a catastrophic failure, you must reinstall the Prism server and reference the server identity file. The server identity file is a special file that helps a server recover from a hard-drive failure or other catastrophic server failure. The server identity file contains the necessary SID information to re-install Prism using the same controller, store, subsidiary as before. Using the identify server file, the Prism install program will do the work needed so that the machine can claim its former node in the enterprise. If you do not reference the server identity file during the reinstall, the controller will not be able to claim its former node in the enterprise.

When installation is complete, at the server's POA, open Tech Toolkit.

Click the hamburger icon for the server's POA.
Select Rejoin Server to Enterprise
Launch Prism. Go into the Admin Console > Installation Defaults. In the RIL Address field, enter the FQDN of the POA.   
Initialize the server with data from the POA.