Updated: September 30, 2020 9:35am


Prism Resiliency Service
The Prism Resiliency Service facilitates the ability to create Central Credit and Central Gift Card transactions while offline. The Prism Resiliency Service starts/stops the PrismResiliencyServer.exe, which tracks and stores transactions made offline. When the Centrals Server is configured and the Run Resiliency preference is enabled, when the system goes offline users can create Central Credit and Central Gift Card transactions up to the Offline Take Limit defined in preferences for each tender. The Offline Take Limit sets an upper limit on transactions that are performed offline when the connection to the centrals server is lost because Internet problems or other reasons. Central credit and central gift card transactions equal to or less than the value entered in preferences will be permitted. Central credit and central gift card transactions above the Offline Take Limit entered in preferences will not be permitted. The default value for this option is zero (0), which means that no offline transactions are permitted.
The Prism Server Installer adds the PrismResiliencyServer.exe to the file system and installs the PrismResiliencyService. To set up Centrals, enter the IP Address or FQDN of the Centrals Server in Admin Console > Installation Defaults and select options in Admin Console > Node Preferences > Transactions > Centrals. To use Resiliency, click the Run Resiliency button in Admin Console. > Node Preferences > Transactions > Centrals.  If Run Resiliency is not running the Prism server ignores the "Offline Take Limit" for Central Customer Credit and Central Gift Cards.
When centrals are enabled but the server is down, when looking up a customer you will see a yellow toast message to warn you about the situation.