Updated: September 7, 2022 9:04am

What's New in 1.12.o.55

This page has information about the new features and functionality added in Prism

SSL Certificate changes - Beginning with Prism 1.12, retailers are responsible for providing their own SSL certificates, if needed.

Customer History - This release includes a redesigned customer history module that makes it easier to replicate history across stores in the enterprise and verify details of a prior purchase (e.g. for a return)

Price Manager - Prism Manager enables you to adjust prices (up or down) for any or all items. This is especially useful for marking down merchandise for sales events, or to increase sales for slow-moving merchandise.

Edit Discounts inline - Users can now edit the Discount $ or Discount % directly from the main transaction form.

Advanced Item Lookup changes - [enhancement] This release includes a new interface for the Advanced Item Lookup feature. The new interface makes it easier to select lookup elements and enter lookup criteria.

Deactivate lot number item when quantity reaches zero - A new preference has been added that enables the automatic deactivation of lot number items when the quantity reaches zero. The preference is located in Preferences & Settings > Transactions > Serial/Lot Number.

Populate Max Discount from preference - Each item has a "Max Discount" field that determines the maximum percentage discount that can be applied to the item. A new preference gives you the option of displaying one of two possible values: V9 Max Discount %, or V9 Max Accumulated Discount.

Till Management - Beginning with this release, Prism users can add new tills and edit existing tills.

Manual flag for Discount Reasons - This release includes a new flag on Discount Reasons that controls whether or not employees can manually select reason at POS.

New POS Permissions - Several new permissions have been added to the POS and Customer areas of the Permissions list.

Due Date on Orders - This release includes a new preference for setting a due date for completing an order.

Item Images in Touch POS - Beginning with this release, retailers can assign item images to touch POS buttons.

Force Cash Drop - Users will now see a prompt when the amount of cash in the drawer exceeds the trigger amount specified in preferences.

Service Manager, SSL Manager in Tech Toolkit - Tech Toolkit has two new areas. Service Manager provides access to configuration (.ini) files. The SSL Manager is for installing SSL certificates so you can run Prism over HTTPS.

Spread discount on BOGO promotions  - This release has a new "Spread discount to all BOGO items" option available for BOGO promotions. This option enables you to spread the promotion discount amount across all the items on the transaction that are included in the promotion. Previously, only the "GET" items would have the discount spread. This option is displayed on the Reward Rules section, right under the Sort Order dropdown

Enhanced Coupon Validation - This release includes a new option for validating promotions using coupons. Now, users can set an option to specify how often the coupon can be used to validate a promotion: Once, an unlimited number of times, or a specific number of times

Create price adjustments for items with Zero OH Qty - This preference is for price adjustments made with Price Manager. If selected, items with a zero OH Qty will be included in the price adjustment.

Enable Touch Screen Selects Input - This release includes a new preference that is designed to make the Prism interface more friendly to touch screen users (e.g. a tablet). The preference is called "Enable Touch Screen Select Inputs".

Reverse Slips - Users can now reverse slips. Reversing a slip "undoes" the effects of the original slip, returning item quantities to the state they were in before updating the original slip.