Updated: September 7, 2022 9:03am

Prism Release Notes

This document contains information related to the release of Prism

  • Make sure your Retail Pro 9 system is on the latest release of your version (9.30 or 9.40)
  • Windows 8 users must launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option
  • Restart the Proxy after installing this release
  • Clear the cache before you try to log in

To use the full feature set included in this release, you must be on at least RP The following features in Prism 1.11 may not be available if you are on earlier RP9 versions:

  • Expanded Serial Numbers (up to 50 characters)
  • Central gift card items
  • Committed quantities

Prism Issues Addressed

Issue # Title Solution
11230 Centrals - Implement Central Gift Card items

We have now implemented central gift cards as line items. With this change we have also added Expiration dates and Max Value options for central gift cards.
Please see the What's New documentation for more information.  


13642 Customers - Add, edit or delete customer UDF value on RP9 does not replicate to Prism Code has been updated so that when users add, edit or delete customer UDF values in RP 9, the changes replicate to Prism.
12805 Need permission in Prism to limit user access to drop down only on UDF fields in customers.

Three new permissions have been implemented that allow manual entry of UDF values in these areas:

  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Vendor

The permissions may be set to Allow or Deny. Override will not be supported.
When Allow... Manual text entry allowed. Predefined dropdown allowed.
When Deny... Manual text entry is not allowed. Predefined dropdown is allowed.

13276 Documents - Need committed quantities in Prism Prism now consumes committed quantity data replicated from RP9.  Availability checking has been updated to support "Check Available", based on known on hand and committed values.
14728 Doc Designer - Vendor Name and Address fields missing from PurchaseOrder schema Vendor Contact First/Last Name, Address1-6, Phone1, Phone2 and Email fields have been added to the list of available fields for PO document designs.
11852 Doc Designer - Add the ability to initialize or export/import doc designs Tables for doc designs were added to replication. User can now edit and create new document designs and they will replicate to the other Prism to Prism installs.  Delete must be done at each station however.
15025 Employees - Password changes in prism do not replicate to v9 Passwords changed in Prism now replicates to RetailPro 9.
14154 General System - Transaction lookup might crash the browser

New functionality has been introduced to allow limiting searches for some areas the system.  The following Server\Conf files will now be parsed for a [GETLIMIT] section: RPSRestServiceModule.ini, PrismBackOffice.ini, PrismCommon.ini, PrismMQService.ini

The section its parameters is:
# what to do if no SID or filter is passed for top-level resource:
# >0: limit number of rows fetched (up to 10000) #  0: no limit (default)

11195 General System: Develop Biometric login feature for Prism Basic functionality for biometric registration and login is now implemented. The base requirement is to allow biometric entry wherever prompted for credentials. However, this doesn't extend to configuration areas. Biometrics are for 'live' credential application.
7340 General System: Out of memory error when trying to expand a large list of unprocessed records in DRS Replication success and failure messages are now paged when viewed on the redesigned connection manager.  Approximately 30 records are shown on each page.
13883 General System: When the server loses network connection or changes the network, replication processes will use up 100% of the CPU Prism will not be able to handle changing IP address connections when going from a wired LAN on the docking station to the wireless connection when it is removed from the docking station. A refresh of the instance will be required.
If users want to avoid this problem with the mobile devices they should only use the wireless connection for the device and disconnect the LAN line on the docking station.
If a user has multiple access points that are ran in a cluster the user should be able to stay in the session they are in without interruption.
cluster mode - allows you to handle the hand-off of network connection between access points transparently. If the user is using standalone wireless access points the TCP connection will be interrupted when your device is re-connecting to another access point.
Even with clustered access points you still need to verify that you have a continuous coverage for the whole area without gaps or blind spots.
But if they travel from access point to access points that are standalone, the session will require a refresh since there is a slight disconnect between access points.
15103 iOS: Prism Launcher 2.0 The new Prism Launcher Application is a rewrite of the current Prism Launcher developed natively using Swift. The purpose is to improve upon the current app by adding new features, enhancing existing features and making it easier to support and further develop.
Updates include:
* New Home screen
* Onboarding process to help users set up their Prism server connection upon first launch
* Ability to manage server configurations from within the app
* Ability to manage app settings from within the app
* Ability to use the device's built-in camera to scan barcodes
14927 Installation: Removing the POA Installer from the Prism Server installer Prism Server installation no longer prompts for the Join the Enterprise wizard.  Tech Toolkit> Enterprise Manager now handles this functionality
14802 Installation: UAT - Please make the "FQDN of this Prism Server" box editable in the "Identify this installation" screen of the Server installation The installer picks up the new host name of the machine and writes it back to the Prism registry.
14699 Inventory: Local inventory on hand is not updated by sales. On hand quantity updates can be skipped on MySQL systems if modifications are made to item before replication cycle completes Changes were made to ensure inventory integrity is maintained when sales and inventory modifications are occurring simultaneously.
13925 Inventory: Item UDF and Aux need to be properly mapped between V9 and Prism Code was corrected to allow the proper replication of AUX and UDF for item and customer
12266 Inventory: Inventory View clearing search criteria after every search (failed or not), this is a change in existing behavior When filtering Inventory, searches are persisted until intentionally cleared.  Advanced item lookup is automatically cleared upon closing the Advanced Item Lookup dialog
14323 Orders: Deposit remaining balance is rounded up when fulfilling orders Deposit remaining balance is rounded up correctly when fulfilling orders.
14317 Orders: Deposit % is getting rounded up showing percentage above minimum

1. Minimum Deposit Field is not visible when Minimum Deposit = 0
2. Minimum Deposit label now shows the % required.
3. Deposit % field is now removed
4. Calculated "Deposit Amount" is now hidden when entry field is set to "Amt"

14875 Orders: When adding a deposit remove check on minimum deposit Additional deposit amount can be returned or negative deposit can be taken for any additional deposit taken on top of initial minimum deposit required. Negative deposit can't exceed total deposit amount or minimum deposit required
14810 POS: Can change Doc Qty to negative by adding a dash to Doc Quantity in Details > Item Details on a receipt Entry of negative quantity for an item is blocked in all areas.  Attempts to enter a negative quantity result in either not accepting the value or changing the value to zero.
12573 POS: Add an option to select associate by typing in name The Associate and Cashier fields on POS documents now allow typing to search for drop down entries nearest the characters typed
11986 POS: Need a permission that would restrict users from updating a receipt without putting an item on a receipt. Currently you can place a fee on the receipt and it lets the user tender. This is a loss prevention issue

A new permission has been added to restrict users from updating a transaction without items. Located in the POS section in Admin Console. This permission will NOT be enforced in these cases:
Taking a non-initial deposit for an order
Purchasing Store Credit from a customer record
Gift card purchases

14924 POS - Discounts: Inconsistent discount percent format between POS Item and Transaction Details The discount percent field in POS Item Details, Transaction Details and document items will conform to the Language & Local number value for number of decimals to display and will not trim trailing insignificant zeros.
14003 POS - Discounts: Discount details is unavailable for system discounts with customer required to discount

The POS transaction preference that requires a customer to give a manual discount does not block system discounts from being applied to items. A user may want to view the details of a system discount even when manual discounting is not possible.
This has been made possible by restoring discount values and the Show Discount button in Item Details while discounting is still disabled

9322 POS - Tenders: UAT offline central gift card should prompt the user with the amount remaining rather than completely decline the tender Updated tender controller to allow central GC tenders with offline balances greater than zero to still add the tender, automatically limited to the offline amount while also notifying the user that centrals was offline
15024 POS - Item Lookup: Unable to lookup ALU w/ leading Zeros ALU values with leading zeros are now accepted as item lookups in Prism documents
13737 Portrait Layout - Unable to Tender by Cash when Card Type is set to Require at POS Now able to tender with cash when credit card type is required in preferences
13692 Portrait Layouts - POS: Unable to remove Customer on Receipt prior to updating it Portrait Layout has been refactored to provide better controls for adding and removing customers to POS documents.
Customer field now has its own section and icons were added at the end of the input panel that allow adding and removing of customer
14965 Printing: When printing an order with a deposit the receipt print will have order summary twice. Order summary is printed only once on following Print designs: Receipt 40 Col, Receipt 40 Col - Coupon, Receipt 40 Col - OPOS, Receipt 40 Col - Coupon - OPOS, Receipt 8x11, Receipt 8x11 - Coupon, B+S Receipt 40 Col, B+S Receipt 40 Col - OPOS
14390 Promotions: Promotion: Incorrect Calculation for Package Items Code was corrected to properly handle Package and Kit items
14054 Promotions: Copied promos are not sent when "broadcast" is pushed Replication flag was corrected for copied promotions
13263 Promotions: Request permission to limit the POs that are visible to the local stores POs PO list requests will ALWAYS use the assigned store filter
13050 Promotions: Disable the "Apply" conditions for Rolling Promotions Code as changed to hide the apply options for rolling and tiered type rewards.
Custom will still display this area 
12574 Promotions: Add filter by UDF (1-8) fields in promotions module

Customer UDF 2-8 and Aux 1-12 have been added to the Promotion Customer Filter. UDF1 and UDF2 are ignored date fields.
Item UDF 2-6 have been added to the Promotion Item Filter. UDF 1 is an ignored date field

15091 Replication: In document replication, disbursement reason is not replicated to V9 Invoice Disbursement documents created in Prism are now correctly replicating disbursement reasons to V9
14686 Replication: Need the ability to publish prism preferences to a new install connected to the POA without having the user edit preferences at the POA When joining an enterprise, Corporate, Subsidiary and Store level preferences which would normally only be sent during Prism day-to-day replication are included in the data exchanged during the joining operation.  This allows the newly joined member to begin with the same preferences other systems in the enterprise have
14617 Replication: Error: 'EORMOptimisticLockException:ClassName: Employee' when initializing employee Code has been changed so that now employees replicate correctly
14347 Replication: Cannot see receipt-regular and receipt-return in Prism Both return and sales reason codes now replicate from RP9 to Prism as reasons for discarding a POS document
14217 Replication: Currency denominations not replicating from V9 to Prism New currencies and denominations are correctly sent over from V9 to prism
14008 Replication: PMQ Day to Day replication can run out of memory when retrying failed records

PMQ Day to Day replication does not run out of memory when a denomination is added to an existing currency with a single space in the name and no multiplier.
V9 allows nulls in the name field but Prism does not so the Error still exists and to fix this error user needs to add a name with no space in V9 and reprocess the record.

13668 Replication: Prism to Prism Initialization POS transactions can now be initialized from one Prism system to a direct child or direct parent
15267 Replication: Initialization appears to get stuck on the inventory resource Invalid date will no longer stop an initialize.  Initialization will continue and record the error message
7187 Replication: Ability to filter the initialization for only active items Profiles can be created for initialization which permit filtering for specific conditions
14402 Serial/Lot: Implement SN/LN: preference "Alert User when an item's lot number expiration date has passed" Preference "Alert User when an item's lot number expiration date has passed" has been implemented.
User will be alerted at POS if the added lot number item's expiration date has passed
14709 Tech Toolkit: Enterprise Management Tech Toolkit has been enhanced with Enterprise Management functionality which contains the ability to Join, Leave, and Remove from an enterprise.  Additionally, Enterprise Management has the ability redefine controller and store information as well as set default sub/store for that location.
14532 Tech Toolkit: Join / Leave the enterprise Tech Toolkit has been enhanced with Enterprise Management functionality which contains the ability to Join, Leave, Remove from an enterprise.  Additionally, Enterprise Management can redefine controller and store information
13798 Touch POS: Remove item button is not available when using touch menus Button to remove items in Touch Menu is available by default
14955 Vouchers: When creating a new Voucher and using the PO Lookup button to reference a PO, the Vendor drop down menu is disabled Vendor drop down menu is enabled when a new Voucher is created using the PO Lookup button to reference a PO
11705 Vouchers: UAT - on voucher, changing Qty for listed items back-to-back is very slow Navigating the item grid on a voucher using arrow keys now functions with refresh after each line change
14962 X/Z-Out: Auto open Drawer in Prism A new preference to open a register right after a register is closed has been implemented. The new record will use the same register definition as the closing register. It's opening amount will be set with the same value that was recorded as leave amount on the closing record. Note: When this option is enabled Force closing a register will not open a new register
13808 X/Z-Out: Unable to select all cashiers when doing a Z out on unstructured mode Added ALL option to unstructured ZOUTs for Drawer, Till and Cashier
12904 X/Z-Out: Request to allow direct enter of open/close amount when option "count denomination" is enabled in Admin console > Preferences & Settings > Reporting > X/Z-Out Customer has requested the ability to bypass denomination counts and enter Total currency values. Or, make denomination counts optional.
A new button has been added in X/Z-Out structured mode. Located below "Grand Total" it is labeled "Enter Total". When selected, any denomination count entries will be cleared and made uneditable. The Grand Total then should become editable.
Acting as a toggle, selecting "Count Denominations" will allow switching back to denomination counts.