Updated: September 7, 2022 9:02am

What's New in

This document provides information about the features and new functionality added in RP Prism 1.11.0.

Committed Quantities - DevTrack ID #13276 This release includes enhanced quantity checking. When a user lists an item on a document, if quantity checking is enabled and the quantity exceeds the available quantity, a prompt is displayed. This gives retailers greater flexibility in handling situations when a customer wants to buy a quantity that exceeds the store's current inventory.

Allow Manual Entry of UDF Values permissions - DevTrack ID#12805 A new set of permissions control the ability of employees to make free-form entries in UDF fields in inventory, vendors and customers. Unless a user has the "Allow Manual Entry of UDF Values" permission for the area, the user will be limited to the dropdown selections in UDF fields. Previously, it was possible for users to make manual entries in these fields.

Prevent update of transaction with no items - DevTrack ID #11986 Beginning with this release, a new permission controls the ability of users to update receipts that have no items listed (e.g. a receipt that only includes a fee). This helps improve security and reduce loss prevention by ensuring that only authorized personnel create receipts for fees.

Central gift card items - DevTrack ID#11230 This release includes support for adding Central Gift Card Items. Retailers can add central gift card items by editing the Item Type field in the item record. When you sell those gift card items, the Associate scans the card's barcode and activates the card for the specified amount. This feature requires you to set up a Centrals server. When cards are purchased or redeemed, the transaction is verified against the Centrals server in real time, helping to prevent gift card fraud and abuse.

Open Amount/Totals toggle on Z-Outs - DevTrack ID#12904 This release includes a change to Z-Out reports so that users can enter an Open Amount and/or Close Amount directly on the Count Denomination screen. Previously, users could not enter the open/close amount directly and instead had to enter individual denomination counts. A new Enter Totals button is available on the denominations counts screen. When selected, the denomination counts are cleared and the can edit the currency total (i.e. Total DOLLARS).This button is toggles between Enter Totals and Count Denominations. This way, the user can enter individual totals for each currency (base and foreign). When you click Count Total, the Total Dollars field becomes editable.

Auto Open Drawer - This release includes a new preference that enables retailers to automate the drawer opening process. Previously, users would sometimes go to close a drawer only to find that a drawer had never been opened.

Biometric login - This release includes support for biometric login of employees. Biometric login enables employees to log in using a thumbprint or fingerprint that is scanned by a special device attached to the workstation. Biometric entry is allowed wherever users are prompted for credentials (Note: Biometric login is used in the ‘live' Prism application only; it is not used in configuration areas.)

Use Wedge Barcode Scanner - DevTrack ID#14028 This release includes a new preference that helps streamline item scanning for retailers who use wedge barcode scanners. The new preference is in Admin Console > Preferences & Settings > Hardware > General: 'Use Wedge Barcode Scanner'. This preference is especially useful when using the Touch POS feature on iOS devices.

Custom HTML Files - DevTrack ID #13511 Beginning with this release, Prism users can have their own custom .html files served up in place of the corresponding Prism default .html file. This change makes it easier for retailers to customize to use the look and feel of Prism to reflect the color scheme, logo and other design elements of the retailer's specific brand.

Enterprise and Connection Manager updates - Several changes related to managing connections and servers in the enterprise are included in this release.
The following high-level changes were made. Installation Defaults area in Admin Console (modify Default Name, V9 Address, etc.); Connection Manager UI Changes to streamline workflow; Tech Toolkit areas for Connection and Enterprise Manager; Prism to Prism Initialization.