Updated: September 7, 2022 9:01am Release Notes

This document contains information related to the release of Prism
Installation: Prism_1.10.0.888

  • Windows 10 users must launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option
  • Restart the Proxy after installing this release
  • Clear the cache before you try to log in.
Issue ID Title Solution
Cash Drawers    
14138 OPOS Drawer slowness investigation

Current Proxy functionality allows multiple proxies to access the same cash drawer on a POS workstation. A new option has been introduced. Now the Cash Drawer plugin (OPOSCshDrwr.DLL) will read an additional optional field from the OPOSConf.ini file, called ClaimAtStartup.

If this value is 1, the Proxy claims the cash drawer at proxy startup time, and holds it until the proxy terminates (faster response to drawer open and status requests).

If this value is 0, or the field is not present (as for current users), the Proxy claims the cash drawer at each drawer open or status request and releases it again. This allows multiple proxies to access the same cash drawer, if required. Note: You must manually enter this option and its parameter in the OPOSConf.ini file under the cash drawer section.


12728 Prism missing Reason Code long descriptions Description information added in RP 9 > System Preferences > Local Preferences > Documents > Reason Codes will now be available in Prism > Admin Console > Preferences & Settings > Transactions > Reasons & Notes
10527 Apache CONF file has outdated comments  Modified the UtilDLL.iss InnoSetup utility script to use backslashes consistently in all installer code.
Customer Loyalty    
12762 Add more lines to loyalty program lookup on each page Customers --> Loyalty Lookup previously displayed 10 records on a page, now displays 15 records on a page
13958 Unable to copy a customer

A customer can be copied now. The following fields do not copy:

SIDs (new SID is created)
Customer ID (new customer id is created)
Store Credit
Charge Balance
AR Flag
Loyalty Balances
System Based Dates
Customer Statistics
Active Status (default to active)

11077 Required customer fields needed New required customer fields have been added to Admin Console Customer preferences section. When the field is required, it will appear in the New Customer dialog and entry will be mandatory.
D-2-D Replication    
14192 Prism-2-Prism Day-2-Day Replication of POS Documents, Customer and Inventory Prism Day-to-Day replication now replicates POS documents, customer and inventory information. See Connection Manager documentation for more details
11880 Implement Day to Day replication of Store table Prism to Prism Most store level references now replicate from the POA to joined systems. See Connection Manager documentation for more information
11879 Implement Day to Day replication of Subsidiary table Prism to Prism Most subsidiary level references now replicate from the POA to joined systems. See Connection Manager documentation for more information
11878 Implement Day to Day replication of Tenant table Prism to Prism Most corporate level references now replicate from the POA to joined systems. See Connection Manager documentation for more information
11872 Need the ability to send transactions to other prism installs This has been addressed with issue #14192
D-2-D Prism to V9    
14367 Gift card number masked when replicated from Prism to V9 Gift card numbers resulting from transactions run manually or via an encrypted swipe, are no longer masked by Prism.
11710 Document not replicated from Mysql server to Prism/V9 servers Please see attached documentation and scripts for information on how to user this feature
D-2-D V9 to Prism    
14757 Bouncing the Replication Service is required to allow vouchers to replicate Verified document was received down from POA without bouncing services.
13962 Default receipt design is missing Document Barcode The Transaction Number barcode has been added to the "Receipt 8x11 - Coupon" document design
14078 Email and print takes 10 seconds Time required to email and print has been reduced
General System    
14294 Receipt with return items only after replication in V9 tender will show as Taken Receipts with all return items now replicate correctly to V9
14282 RPS interconnection queue should be able to process more than one request at a time By default RPS module will have 10 interconnection listeners - 10, because it needs to serve back office and common services and they have 5 receiving threads by default.
If needed this number could be increased by adding and editing the following parameter in RPSRestServiceModule.ini file:


The count should be a positive number, but within reason - setting it to anything higher than the sum of number of receiving threads in BackOffice and Common services is pointless and would be a waste of resources. It is recommended to keep it as 10 initially, and raise it as necessary when increasing the number of receiving threads in your system is needed.

Note: the number of receiving threads for BackOffice and Common services could be found out by examining the following setting in their INI files:

14215 Store VS Subsidiary assignment for documents Employee store assignments are now available in Prism. Store assignments are defined on the Retail Pro side. 
Employees will be able to create documents when assigned to Subsidiaries/Stores, if permissions are granted. Employees not assigned to specific Subsidiaries/Stores will not be able create documents
14139 Prism server should not allow requests that query all data from a table resource New configuration parameters can now be defined for RPSRestServiceModule.ini, PrismBackOffice.ini and PrismCommon.ini to limit the number of raw requests to a Prism server for large databases. This will prevent conditions in which memory is consumed to process the request. See technical documentation for more information.
13942 Add workstation number to X/Z out doc design Workstation number is now available to be added to X/Z Out designs in Doc Designer.
13684 Auto log out can be bypassed by refreshing the browser Users can no longer bypass an automatic logoout by refreshing a browser. Upon refresh, the user is alerted that the session is expired and forced to log in again
13240 Data Types: New titles are replicated from RP 9 to Prism as inactive Titles created in RP 9 now arrive in Prism as active
12601 Unable to view inventory images using network share or mapped drive for the Image directory This feature has been implemented through new preferences in Admin Console. Please see the What's New document for more details
11871 Replication management UI A new Connection Manager has been implemented which allows for easier setup and configuration as well dashboard style exception reporting. See the What's New document for more details
11470 Add Original Doc fields to a return receipt The Ref Doc#, Ref Doc Date/Time and Ref Doc Tax Area fields have been added to the Transaction Details header. Additionally these fields are available for use on Receipt designs
11180 Customer would like when initializing a mysql machine to also initialize Prism accepted cards preferences along with UDF cards With Replication, accepted cards as defined in Admin Console > Preferences&Settings > Transactions > Tenders > EFT (including custom defined 'UDF' card types) will be replicated with the default Prism to Prism Replication settings
14213 Add Price w/ Tax field to inventory grid for VAT environments Price with Tax field is now available to be added to inventory grid view.
13739 Missing "Fiscal_Code" field in Store table from Prism Database Fiscal code will now replicate to Prism from v9.
Point of Sale    
14220 Decimal quantities less then 1.000 are rounded up to 1.000 on an invoice When a decimal quantity that is less than 1 is added to an invoice, the qty remains the correct amount and is not rounded up to a whole number
14150 Unable to override POS user to do return on Internet Explorer Javascript changed to be compatible with all browsers. Now the override permission will work when using Internet Explorer.
13916 Scanning items quickly on a receipt will show errors no record found match criteria Scanning items very quickly is now accepted on a new receipt without errors.
13897 Un-held document recorded under the wrong workstation number and name Documents placed on hold will now have the workstation number of the document updated correctly to reflect the workstation that updated the document.
13876 Prism code expects a int16 data type for Flag_ID The Flag_ID field value was changed from Int16 to Int32
12421 Customer created in RP 9 when replicated to Prism doesn't show customer details when listed as Bill to Customer Customers created in RP 9 will now have the Phone1 and Email replicated to Prism correctly
12353 Add the ability to print 'on-hold' transactions POS documents that are on hold can now be printed. POS - Allow Printing Held Documents permission must be assigned
14832 Sell by date is not respected when listed an item on a receipt User gets correct message when listing an item with future sellable date and can't be added to the POS document.
14829 Customer Store Credit only shows additional credit when tendering and takes all existing credit after completing a transaction Return receipt now correctly replicates to V9 and store credit for customer is not lost if the credit was earned by returning an item.
14818 Cannot View a Discarded transaction Cancelled transactions could no longer be viewed.  This has been corrected.  A cancelled transaction is now viewable when filtering Pending Transactions for status: Discard
POS - Customers    
6699 Customer with store credit can be deactivated without store credit balance receipt Store credit balance receipt is now being created when user deactivates a customer that has a store credit balance
POS - Items    
13927 When scanning items the item details bar disappears. Item details bar no longer disappears when scanning multiple items on a new transaction
13921 The focus is not set back to the item lookup field after the Select Item Quantity prompt Focus is now set to 'Item Lookup' after the "Select Item Quantity" modal is closed by any option.
12919 Discount dialogs overlap each other when max discount is exceeded on an item An issue has been addressed, where applying an item discount over the maximum allowed would show overlapping dialog screens, causing confusion for the user.
POS - Orders    
12214 Remove order deposit dialogue for 100% required order deposit Orders will no longer generate a deposit amount selection dialog when configured to require 100% deposit. This also applies to Send Sales, where 100% deposit is always required
11737 Nothing in the transaction lookup screen designates that a layaway has been fulfilled Transaction lookup for layaway orders will now show a Filled % field to quickly show which orders have and have not been completely filled
POS - Tenders    
14103 Add gift receipt button in portrait view Gift receipts are now available from Portrait mode.
11679 Restrict tenders by usergroup This release of Prism includes the ability to restrict tenders by usergoup. Any available tender can be set to Allow, Override or Deny for any available usergroup, for Take, Give or Return transactions. This allows the merchant more granular control over which cashier is allowed to perform what tender
11102 Central Gift does not respect Management setting Central gift cards can now be set up to manage IDs by all, subsidiary, or store levels in admin console at this time
9042 Unfriendly error message " 3329412 Request couldn't be serviced An appropriate red toast error is now displayed: "Register Not Open"
14176 Need Preference for Suppressing Qty Prompt for Decimal Items New preference allows for the decimal qty prompt to be suppressed. A item with qty 1 will be added to the invoice, the qty can be adjusted to a decimal if needed.
13698 Request for new preference to determine promo item evaluation sorting Two new settings have been introduced to Promotions, which apply to individual promotions.
Sale Item Validation now has a dropdown setting for "Sort Order". The available values are Highest (default) and Lowest. This setting determines which applicable items are validated first, sorted by Price.
Note: This may affect which items are discounted by an Item Discount reward.
BOGO Discount Rewares now has a dropdown setting for "Sort Order". The available values are Optimized (default), Highest and Lowest. This setting determines which applicable items are discounted first, sorted by Price. In the case of Optimized sorting, the reward items are assured to be equal or lesser value than any validation items.
Purchase Orders    
11175 PO instructions does not come over to voucher referencing PO When referencing a PO on a voucher the PO instructions will now be amended to the voucher comments correctly.
13511 Web client needs to allow custom html files A new feature allows users to add their own customized html files and use these instead of the default html files.
Customizations/views/default/ customer-history.htm will override the default view at views/default/customer-history.htm
See What's New document for more information on how to set up and use this feature
11977 PrismProxy: Command line switch needed to specify server name for PrismProxy.exe New command line parameters have been added to PrismProxy.exe:
-prismserver:[PrismServerName] (the name of the server)
-prismport:[port#] (the port to use to connect to the server)
Please note that -prismport is seperate and different from the existing -port parameter, which is used to define the port that the Proxy listens on.
12119 Please add API for PO/Back office functions

The Prism API documentation is deployed on every Retail Pro Prism Server. When the Prism server is updated, the API documentation is automatically updated. Navigate to the …\ProgramData\RetailPro\Server\WebClient\docs\ Click the Login button and log in using your Prism login credentials. Clink the link for the desired API element

Touch POS    
13442 With Touch POS, the Order Details button does not respond Users now have the ability to fulfill order documents from the Touch POS screen
10828 Transfer slips allow the user to enter and save a lot number for a non-lot item No longer able to enter lot numbers for items on slips that are not using lot numbers
14879 UAT - Updating an item that is partial serial to 200 qty in transfer slip causes time out  
11897 Need to provide translation capability for UI customizations

Beginning with this release, retailers can easily implement translations for their third-party UI customizations by making simple edits to a copy of the appropriate language-specific .json file. Now, the developer simply has to type (or copy/paste) the desired translation text next to the base (native) text and save the file to the \locale folder with -custom appended to the file name. When loading the page, Prism will check if a -custom version exists and load the -custom version instead. For example, if the file was named en-us.json, then name the file en-us-custom.json.
We recommend using the English text of the translation for the key.
See the What's New document for more information

13235 Remove unnecessary data from the X/Z-Out workstation report filter Workstation filter for X-Out, Z-Out and Z Out lookup will no longer list accounts used for back-end tasks
11074 Need option to not print credit/debit card line items in Z-out report A new group of settings has been added to the Admin Console: Preferences & Settings > Reporting > X/Z-Out > Print Non-Currency Tenders. Tenders that are checked will have a non-currency list printed on the Z-Out designs