Updated: September 7, 2022 9:05am

Release Notes - Prism

The Retail Pro team would like to announce that Prism is now available for download.


This version of Prism includes a mix of new features, enhancements to existing features, and fixes to bugs reported both internally and externally.

SSL Changes: A key change with this release is that retailers are now responsible for providing their own SSL certificates; the self-signed certificates included in previous versions of Prism are deprecated. More information about using SSL with Prism can be found here.

New Apache version: This release includes a required update to the Apache web server from version 2.4.25 to 2.4.27. You must uninstall the old Apache and install the new Apache before you can update the Prism server.

Technical/Architecture Changes

  • The following fields types have been changed from integer to boolean: Inventory.Active, Inventory.Regional, and Inventory.Orderable. If you have a customization that reads any of these values as  one or zero it will need to change to expect True (1)  or False (0)
  • There is a new API directive for bar code  scans: prismApp.common.directives.barCode


Customer History - DevTrack ID #15301 This release includes a redesigned customer history module that makes it easier to replicate history across stores in the enterprise and verify details of a prior purchase (e.g. for a return).

Price Manager - DevTrack ID #4020 Price Manager makes it easy to adjust prices (up or down) for any or all items. Use this feature for things like weekend sales, or to increase sales for slow-moving merchandise.

Edit Discounts inline - DevTrack ID #15434 Users can now edit the Discount $ or Discount % directly from the main transaction form.

Till Management - DevTrack #15073 Beginning with this release, Prism users can add new tills and edit existing tills.

Force Cash Drop - DevTrack ID#14963 Users will now see a prompt when the amount of cash in the drawer exceeds the trigger amount specified in X/Z-Out preferences.

Reverse Slips - DevTrack ID#10605 Users can now reverse slips. Reversing a slip "undoes" the effects of the original slip, returning item quantities to the state they were in before updating the original slip.


Enhanced Coupon Validation - DevTrack ID#10606  This release includes a new option for validating promotions using coupons. Now, users can set an option to specify how often the coupon can be used to validate a promotion: Once, an unlimited number of times, or a specific number of times.

Advanced Item Lookup changes - DevTrack ID #13189  This release includes a new interface for the Advanced Item Lookup feature. The new interface makes it easier to select lookup elements and enter lookup criteria.

Enable Touch Screen Selects Input - DevTrack ID#15289 This release includes a new preference that is designed to make the Prism interface more friendly to touch screen users (e.g. a tablet). The preference is called "Enable Touch Screen Select Inputs".

Due Date on Orders - DevTrack ID#11733 This release includes a new preference for setting a due date for completing an order.

New POS Permissions - DevTrack ID #12988 Several new permissions have been added to the POS and Customer areas of the Permissions list.

Manual flag for Discount Reasons - DevTrack ID#12915 This release includes a new flag on Discount Reasons that controls whether or not employees can manually select reason at POS.

Item Images in Touch POS - DevTrack ID#12526, 15353 Beginning with this release, retailers can assign item images to touch POS buttons.

Deactivate lot number item when quantity reaches zero - DevTrack ID #15625  A new preference has been added that enables the automatic deactivation of lot number items when the quantity reaches zero. The preference is located in Preferences & Settings > Transactions > Serial/Lot Number.

Create price adjustments for items with Zero OH Qty - DevTrack ID #14785  This preference is for price adjustments made with Price Manager. If selected, items with a zero OH Qty will be included in the price adjustment.

Spread discount to all BOGO items on promotion  - DevTrack ID #14453  This release has a new "Spread discount to all BOGO items" option available for BOGO promotions. This option enables you to spread the promotion discount amount across all the items on the transaction that are included in the promotion. Previously, only the "GET" items would have the discount spread. This option is displayed on the Reward Rules section, right under the Sort Order dropdown.

Populate Max Discount from preference - DevTrack ID#15390  Each item has a "Max Discount" field that determines the maximum percentage discount that can be applied to the item. A new preference gives you the option of displaying one of two possible values: V9 Max Discount %, or V9 Max Accumulated Discount.


Adjustment Memo #15825 - Issue: Dataset error when selecting any Adjustment Memo in Print Preview. Solution: Print engine was corrected for viewing doc designs
Apache #15254 - Issue: Apache DDOS vulnerability fixed in Apache 2.4.27. Solution: Apache installer has been updated to version 2.4.27. This new version will be required for Prism 1.12.
Connection Manager #16022 - Issue: Advanced Filter does not remove spaces in all cases. Solution:
Connection Manager #16091 - Issue: 
RIL to Prism profile does not save properly. Solution:
Customers #11368 - Issue: Customer Max Discount needs to be removed. Solution: Customer maximum discount % has been removed from Prism.
Customers #16086 - Issue: Customer - Customer creation process creating 2 addresses while one is created. Solution:
Customers #16081 - Issue: Change the Customer History Scheduling DB value. Solution:   
Disbursements #14964 - Issue: An Request for Drawer total to show in Disbursements. Solution: Drawer balance has been added to the disbursements area of point of sale.
Disbursements #15599 - Issue: Cannot create a disbursement with decimal values when using the Italian Language and Locale settings for decimal and group digit. Solution:  The Currency filter was changed to properly handle the comma decimal character.
Disbursements #15501 - Issue: Disbursements do not replicate to RIL (Amt error). Solution: If a disbursement has tenders without an amount, Print/Update, Update Only buttons are unavailable.
Document Designer #15473 - Issue: Add in store code and in store name to TransferSlip field list in document designer. Solution: Fields ‘instoreCode' and InstoreName' can now be added to slip designs.
Document Designer #14361 - Issue: Please add Price WT to Merchandise Tags in Doc Designer. Solution: Price with Tax has been added to Merchandise tags in DocDesigner. The correct field to add to your designs is the "ActStrPriceWT" field in the Inventory section.
Employees #15326 - Issue: Update Password and removal of ‘Require Password Change' tick box is not replicate back to RP9 after employee changed their password on Prism. Solution: This issue has been resolved and now all required password changes will replicate in both directions.
Employees #15152 - Issue: New employee created in RIL and replicated to Prism not showing up in employee management. Solution: New employees created in Retail Pro now replicate to Prism.
General System #14128 - Issue: Prism SSL Certificate fails on Google Chrome v58.0.3029.81.  Solution: With this release, Retail Pro has ended the use of self-signed certificates in Prism.
General System #15097 - Issue: Language change doesn't update Currency symbol. Solution: Code was changed to use the currency symbol from the selected region.
General System #14544 - Issue: Cannot log in to Prism if setting "Use Prism for Customer History Source" is unchecked in a MySQL installation. Solution: Unchecking "Use Prism for Customer History Source" in MySQL where there is no Oracle install doesn't lock user out.
General System #13189 - Issue: Advanced Item Lookup is inconsistent between documents. Solution: Advanced Item Lookup has been renamed and the interface is consistent across documents
General System #14606 - Issue: Need ALU generation at workstation level.  Solution: UPC's and ALU's may now be sequenced at Subsidiary, Store or WS nodes.
General System #15829 - Issue: Pop-up Selection Improvements - Desk Top vs. Touch Screen. Solution: New preference has been added in AC > Themes and Layouts> Enable Touch Screen Select Inputs.
General System #15125 - Issue: Prism search discrepancies. Solution: Uniform advanced search has been implemented across all document types.
Hardware #15494 - Issue: Captuvo Scanner only works on field with an id of "itemlookup" should work on all bar-code inputs. Solution:  Updated the logic for the bar-code directive.
Installation #15693 - Issue: Initialization of 1 sub is getting styles for all subs. Solution: Added the Subsidiary filter to initialization profile from RIL to Prism.
Installation #16075 - Issue: Oracle Standalone install option needs to be hidden. Solution: Oracle Standalone install optionis now hidden.
Installation #16080 - Issue: Launching Prism via the Proxy after a 1.12 install provides the error "Proxy is unable to connect to server :443. Please select a valid server." Solution:   
Installation #16019 - Issue: Pause/Resume and GMD for Initialization, Pause Initialization Resume initialization. Also allow auto resume on a Consumer when it is restarted. Solution: New settings in the PrismMQService.ini file. By setting ResumeInitOnStartup to true, if a consumer does down during an initialization, when it is restarted it will resume initialization automatically.
iOS #15495 - Issue: iOS launcher 2.0 -  Camera icon is too small for iPod and iPhone users. Solution: Camera button was changed so it is more intuitive for users to select the button.
iOS #15488 - Issue: iTunes description of the Prism launcher does not have a minimum version listed. Solution:  
Loyalty #12292 - Issue: Item reward program should be resticted for documents without sale items on it if "Restrict transactions to a single item type" is enabled. Solution:  When redeeming a loyalty reward item, only Sale items may be used on the same document.
Orders #10251 - Issue: Enable adding an item to a Fulfilled Order. Solution: Order items may be added to POS Orders up to the point an Order is closed.
Orders #15520 - Issue: Ship To customers is missing from receipt when fulfilling SO. Solution: When fulfilling orders, the Ship To customer is preserved.
Orders #15173 - Issue: Should prevent order data when taking order deposits for an existing order. Solution:  
POS #14959 - Issue: Add the Total Qty Sold on Receipts. Solution: POS documents now display the total count of items sold, returned, ordered, or marked as send sale, each displayed as a separate total.
POS #13788 - Issue: Transaction Lookup: Add support for Pagination. Solution: Pagination has been added to the transaction lookup screen.  Each page contains up to 30 transactions.
POS #13073 - Issue: Permission to copy receipts. Solution: A permission has been added to POS transaction copy functionality.
POS #14129 - Issue: Tender Rounding may require a Max Over Tender Amount to be set.  Solution:  The enforcement of a maximum over tender will now allow for tender rounding up.
POS #15749 - Issue: No Fee Type mentioned in Store Credit Adjustment.  Solution: Prism will now show a system fee type in the transaction created to offset store credit from a deactivated customer.
POS #14404 - Issue: SN/LN: filter by LN is not added in Item lookup. Solution: Lookup by Lot Number is now available.
POS #15983 - Issue: Items on receipts are not saved with cost although they have cost in inventory. Solution: Changes have been made to ensure new stores record inventory cost on POS documents
POS #16101 - Issue: Epson line display cannot display the English pound symbol. Solution: Epson pole display now correctly displays currency symbol.
POS Customer #15541 - Issue: POS - Ship to customer on shipping tab is not being retained. Solution:  Code was changed to properly handle the customer shipping address payload.
POS Customer #13606 - Issue: Customer would like to print customer Info1 and Info2 on POS receipts. Solution:  The BT_Info1 and BT_Info2 fields are now available for listing on receipt designs.
POS Discounts #15547 - Issue: Item discounts workflow should be configurable based on clients' needs (see 15434). Solution:  New Transactions > Discounts preferences added.
POS Discounts #15434 - Issue: Item discounts should be editable inline. Solution:  See the "What's New" documentation for this release.
POS Discounts #12915 - Issue: Add ability to hide Discount reasons from POS. Solution:  Discount Reasons preferences have a 'Manual' option to indicate the discount is available for manual discounts.
POS Discounts #15390 - Issue: Customer discount overrides item max discount. Solution: New Inventory Preference: Populate Max Discount From: RIL Max Accumulated Discount % or RIL Max Discount %
POS Discounts #14690 - Issue: Cannot make item price $0.00 in POS. Solution:  Item price can now be set at $0.00 if desired.  Item Details> Discounts OK and APPLY will change the price to 0.
POS Returns #15310 - Issue: There is no way to find the original receipt for returns when scanning the barcode of a default design. Solution:  Original receipt barcodes can now be scanned on returns
Preferences #14126 - Issue: Rounding Method reset to default does not reset Rounding Multiple. Solution: A change has been made in preferences to make it easier to disable/enable Tender Rounding.
Price Manager #4020 - Issue: Price Manager feature. Solution: Prism now has the Price Manager feature, like the RP 9 Price Manager. Price Manager can be used to mark prices down or up.
Promotions #16094 - Issue: Manual discount after promo clears promo. Solution:
Promotions #16051 - Issue: Promotions should check for manual discounts per promotion. Solution: The Activation Details screen for Promotions has a new setting: "Apply to Manually Discounted Items".
Promotions #15492 - Issue: Does not properly display pagination if you have 30, 60, 90, etc active records with show inactive promotions filter enabled. Solution:  Code was changed correct pagination.
Promotions #15393 - Issue: Validation Rules section is blank. Solution: Code was changed to properly populate the validation screen in promotions.
Promotions #15084 - Issue: Using import for filtering will not display the filter field but only the criteria. Solution:  Code was changed to properly display the filtered criteria.
Promotions #12959 - Issue: Add option to disable the Promotion confirmation window when selecting "Manually Apply Promotions > Apply When Tendered". Solution: There is a new Promotions preference: Manually Apply Promotions > Tender Action. None, Prompt, or Apply (auto-applied).
Promotions #12611 - Issue: Customer would like to add customer class to the available filters in promotions. Solution:  New filter option was added to promotions for customer class name.
Promotions #12799 - Issue: Add a configuration option to the Promotions>Activation Details > Store dropdown to use store code. Solution:  Store code was added to the store filter in Promotions.
Promotions #14190 - Issue: Null displayed in PROMOs in Start Date and End Date using mozilla. Solution:  Updated the date filter and promotions service to use dates with Slashes (/) instead of Dashes (-).
Promotions #13048 - Issue: Add Permissions to copy and delete Prism Promotions. Solution: New permissions for Delete and Copy have been added to Permissions > Promotions area.
Promotions #10606 - Issue: PROMOTIONS > Allow coupon code to apply unlimited times. Solution: New feature was added to promotions for Coupons activation. Once, Unlimited, or Count.
Proxy #15539 - Issue: Proxy > Proxy should not write to the Primary Server registry entry. Solution: Prism Proxy now uses its own registry entry to prevent conflicts.
Replication #16074 - Issue: Alternate_ID1 is not replicating. Solution: Alternate_ID1 & Alternate_ID2 is now replicating
Replication #16105 - Issue:  Invalid Value for Field 'Disc_reason_ID' Error on replication of documents from Prism to RIL. Solution: Corrected issue so that discount reason error no longer occurs when replicating documents from Prism to Retail Pro 9.
Replication #16106 - Issue: Receipts with return item qty can fail to replicate from Prism to V9. Solution: Receipts with return item quantity will replicate properly.
Replication #16107 - Issue: Values can be double fulfilled on orders in RIL by replication if there is an interruption in the communication between Prism and RIL. Solution: Orders are processed correctly to prevent indicating double fulfillment.
Sales Orders #11733 - Issue: Sales Order: Add Due Date on Sale Orders module. Solution:  Order Due date has been added.  A "Default Number of Days" preference enables you to set the Due Date automatically (can be manully overridden).
Taxes #15531 - Issue: Incorrectly defined and populated tax code fields in documents. Solution:  The Tax Code column in document grids will now show the correct item tax code.
Tech Toolkit #11635 - Issue: Prism Tech Toolkit - Config Viewer. Solution:  Service Manager has been added to Tech Toolkit.  
Tech Toolkit #15405 - Issue: Cannot see Join the Enterprise button in Prism Tech ToolKit when remoting into computer with low resolution. Solution: Tech Toolkit minimum resolution reduced to 1024x768.
Tech Toolkit #15058 - Issue: Tech Toolkit should have its own installer. Solution:  Prism Technician's Toolkit has been added to the Prism installation menu.
Tech Toolkit #15785 - Issue: Need a way to install SSL certs on a Prism Proxy only machine. Solution:  See "Whats New" document.
Touch POS #12526 - Issue: Touch Menus does not allow you to re-arrange or move existing menu buttons once created. Solution:  Code was changed to allow rearranging buttons using drag-and-drop.
Touch POS #11829 - Issue: The "Remove Item" button is no longer available on the touch menus screen (it is now VOID). Solution:  Code was changed to add the Remove button back into Touch POS.
Touch POS #15353 - Issue: Touch menus need to have inventory item images available as button image. Solution: Functionality for Touch Menu Buttons was added to use inventory images.
Touch POS #4263 - Issue: Unable to add inventory item to new button by UPC search. Solution: Code was changed to allow the entry of the full UPC or the UPC without leading zeros.
Transfer Slips #14529 - Issue: Please add require slip to reference TO as a system preference to Prism. Solution:  A preference called 'Require Transfer Slips to reference a Transfer Order' has been added.
Transfer Slips #14777 - Issue: Item Lookup on Transfer Slip fails with "Unknown Error. Solution: Inability to look up items with no UPC for a transfer slip has been corrected.
Transfer Slips #10605 - Issue: Add slip reversing. Solution: Transfer slips may now be reversed.
Transfer Slips #15082 - Issue: Cannot save slip comment. Solution: Slip comments are saved.  The UI now disallows initial freeform entry.  After a predefiend comment is added it can be edited as desired.
Vouchers #15019 - Issue: Qty column not displaying when generating voucher from ASN.  Solution: Code was changed to properly transition the Orig Qty to Qty when generating Voucher from ASN.
Vouchers #15161 - Issue: Cannot do line item discount amount for vouchers. Solution: In Grid Formats for Vouchers, ASNs, the Disc Amt field has been replaced with the Disc% field (consistent with V9).
X/Z-Out #14834 - Issue: X/Z-Out not correct when taking deposits or fulling customer order from another cashier. Solution:  X-Out reports now correctly report the cashier(s) and the amount taken.
X/Z-Out #14298 - Issue: Cannot select all workstations in Z-Out. Solution: An "All" option has been added to the workstation filter in unstructured Z- Outs.
X/Z-Out #15562 - Issue: Z-Out is doubling users entered values when closing the drawer and using the back button. Solution:  Back button is disabled until reconciliation is complete.
X/Z-Out #16018 - Issue: Z-Out user cannot add non-currency. Solution: 

Known Issues and Problems