Updated: May 30, 2023 1:28pm Release Notes

This topic has information about the 1.13.0 release of Retail Pro Prism. This release includes several important new features and enhancements to existing features, including:

  • Employee and Group Management areas in Store Operations (Permissions no longer defined in Admin Console)
  • Redesigned user interface in the Connection Manager area of the Admin Console (Different workflow for initialization and replication)
  • Ability to add/edit Subsidiaries, Stores, Price Levels, Reasons and Seasons (Key data that previously could only be edited in Retail Pro 9)

Important! When upgrading servers, care must be taken to correctly synchronize data between locations.

  • Windows 10 users must launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option
  • Restart the Proxy after installing the update
  • Clear the cache before you try to log in

System Requirements
In addition to the standard Prism system requirements, to use this version of Prism, your Retail Pro 9 must be on build or above.
Technical/Architecture Changes

  • During initialization, all Day-to-Day replication is suspended. When initialization is complete, Day-to-Day replication will automatically resume.
  • RPSRestServiceModule.dll and EFTServiceModule.Dll have been removed from the Apache layer and moved into an NT Service that listens on the Message Bus. (So in the %PROGRAMDATA%\retailpro\server\modules these .dlls will no longer exist or will be deleted in an over the top).
  • The mod_rprox.so apache module has been removed. (The file will be removed from C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache\modules in an over the top install).
  • The Prism.Conf file in the %PROGRAMDATA%\retailpro\server\conf folder has been modified to use only the mod_prism.so module for serving up Prism URL's including All V2 URL's and now /v1/rest and /v1/rpc URLs as well.
  • EFTServiceModule.ini file removed from the CONF folder.
  • A new service called PrismPOSV1 has been added to the C:\Program Files (x86)\RetailPro\Server\POSv1 folder. The .ini file for POSV1 is in the \ProgramData\Server\Conf folder. By default, the Auth Thread Count is set to 10. If necessary, you can adjust the Auth Thread Count by editing the Prism POSv1Service in Tech Toolkit Service Manager area.
  • This release has an update of 3rd party components Erlang and RabbitMQ.

Known Issues

  • If you update a price adjustment memo and that memo refers to a season other than the currently active season in Retail Pro 9, in some cases the wrong price could be updated. To avoid any problems, if you are updating a price adjustment memo, make sure that it refers to the currently active season in Retail Pro 9. Make sure the Active Season is set in both the Prism Subsidiary Record and Retail Pro 9 preferences (Global Preferences > Calendars > Seasons).
  • You will have to recreate any grids for the Employee area after upgrading from 1.12.5 to 1.13. After the upgrade is finished, go back into Grid Formats preferences and edit the Employee grids to add the columns back (for both "Search By" and grid columns).
  • Prism 1.13 includes changes to data replication that can cause issues when replicating data between Retail Pro 9 and Prism. These resources all have an ID that is based on a sequence in V9 that is local, not global. As a result, the identifiers for these resources will not describe unique records and unique key violations can occur during replication and data can be corrupted: AdjLotQty, AllocationPattern, Calendar, ChargeTerm, CustomerUdfOption, DocPosFlagOption, InvnUdfOption, KitComponent, Reason, Season, ShippingMethod (Note: Shipping Method can only be defined in Retail Pro 9),  Till, VendorUdfOption

New Features
See the What's New in 1.13.0 topic for more information about new features and feature enhancements.

Prism Issues Addressed

Issue ID Title Solution
Adjustments   Subtotal: 1
15895 The UPC field is not printing out on price memos UPC field is now printed correctly on price adjustment memos.
Apache   Subtotal: 1
16280 Port 443 must be available to launch Apache even when you are only set to use port 80 Apache will now launch normally, even when port 443 is not available.
ASN   Subtotal: 2
14296 Wants to search by Package Number or Tracking number in ASN Lookup or in Voucher Lookup The ability to search by Tracking and Package numbers has been added to Voucher and ASN lookups.
16504 ASN number is missing on newly-created ASNs Newly-created ASNs now correctly follow the sequencing numbers and source set in Admin Console. For older, existing ASNs without an ASN No, will retain the previous functionality whereby the generated Voucher will get the correct next number in the Voucher sequence, and the ASN number (which was erroneously written to the Vou_no field) will be moved to the correct ASN_no field.
16813 User unable to make a central return for a different sub It is now possible to create Centrals Returns against sales made in a different Subsidiary
Connection Manager   Subtotal: 4
16865 With slow connections and many stores going into connection manager get slower and slower.  
16129 Add External / Custom connection logic to the backend. See the "Custom Dashboard" section of the Enterprise and Connection Manager document.
16126 Add Custom / External connections dashboard to the Connection Manager - Rework the dashboard configuration so that connections and profiles are under each dashboard type See the "Custom Dashboard" area of the Enterprise and Connection Manager document
16753 Prism's Connection Manager need UI to display Pending, In Process and Completed messages in the queue that are sent to the bus. There is now a Pending tab for day to day activity. it will show pending, in progress and completed counts.  If nothing is in the array, nothing is shown in the pending tab.
Customers   Subtotal: 5
15451 Customer UDF fields have no labels in the details screen When Customer UDF & Aux fields have no field label defined Prism will display a default label, such as udf4 or aux2 as a placeholder
14925 Customer would like to add Alternate_ID1 and Alternate_ID2 to the customer search grid Added Alternate_ID1 and Alternate_ID2 as optional fields in the Customer Lookup grid to both the Search By and Show Columns selections
15392 Please add document number to the list of available columns in customer history DocNo has been added to the CustomerDocumentHistory resource and now is populated for display in the cust history grid. The change has been pushed to the CustHist_ver2 feature branch along with other customer history changes
16833 Customer title cannot be added to downstream system where the same customer title has been created in another subsidiary Titles can now be created without issues, even if the title already exists in another Subsidiary.
16835 Customer history showing incorrect Item Price with Tax when using VAT Prism now displays item price with tax and document price correctly using VAT.
Customizations   Subtotal: 1
15190 Add ability to reload a customization automatically after it fails. The proxy has been enhanced with recovery capabilities that will detect when a customization becomes unresponsive. If the customization remains unresponsive after the configured timeout, the proxy will restart and reinitialize it.
Database   Subtotal: 1
15853 Request to add the INVC_EXTRA table to Prism

The API and replication now support communicating the Prism Document.UDF fields to the RP9 Invc_Extra table to support plugins which use the Invc-Extra table.
Document.UDF1_String thru Document.UDF5_String and
Document_Extend.UDF6_String thru Document_Extend.UDF10_String
field lengths have been increased to 210 characters.

UDF1_String thru UDF5_String must be created in sequence.  (i.e. To utilize UDF4, UDF1-3 must have been created)

UDF1_String thru UDF5_String will replicate to RP9 cms.Invc_Extra table

Note: Only UDF1_String thru UDF5_String is accessible via the API

Departments   Subtotal: 1
15798 DCS Name not displaying unless you click Edit in inventory item details Loading screen is enabled until the DCS list is populated in Inventory Details
Document Designer   Subtotal: 2
16185 Doc Designer - add Customer Alternate ID 1 and 2 to POS transaction Both Bill To and Ship To Alternate Customer ID's 1 & 2 can be added to a POS Transaction design
13682 Please add item image for documents in Document Designer

Inventory Style and Item images have been added to the Document Designer.
Users can now create their own designs and add item or style images, or they can use one of the preexisting default designs.
There is a 'Receipt 40Col-image' design and a 'Receipt 8x11-image' design.
The default designs will print the images based on the system preference 'Display Merchandise Images' setting.
If set to NONE, no images will print.
If set to ITEM, only the Item image1 will print.
If set to STYLE, only the style image will print. If set to DYNAMIC, the Item image1 will print if present, if not it will divert to style image.

Employees   Subtotal: 1
11194 Need password policies in Prism Password Policies are now consumed in Prism
General System   Subtotal: 8
15070 Currency and Denomination CRUD See the What's New in this Release document ("Currency and Exchange Rates" section).
15064 Store CRUD Basics See the What's New in this Release document ("Add/Edit Stores" section).
15065 Price Level CRUD See the What's New in this Release document ("Add/Edit Price Levels" section).
15063 Subsidiary CRUD Basics See the What's New in this Release document ("Add/Edit Subsidiaries" section).
15066 Season CRUD Basics See the What's New in this Release document ("Add/Edit Seasons" section)
15067 Reason CRUD Basics See the What's New in this Release document ("Add/Edit Reasons" section).
15091 Seasons - Create and replicate See the What's New in this Release document ("Add/Edit Seasons")
15357 "capslock" prepended o the toast error message when an item fails lookup sometimes Updated item-search controller to ignore Shift, Capslock, Numlock, and Scrolllock when receiving scanned character codes
Gift Cards   Subtotal: 1
16523 Refunding via Gift Card (Cayan) with Add Value button does not display in change section Gift Card Refund tenders using the AddValue button are now correctly displayed.
Hardware   Subtotal: 2
15410 Customer would like support for pass-through cash drawers

Proxy is now designed to accept a Direct Cash Drawer, in a pass-through configuration, from the HAL. Upon detection of a Direct cash drawer, the proxy will configure Cash Drawer 1 to use the Direct Cash Drawer plugin; otherwise it will use OPOS as default.
In addition the Proxy was corrected to handle two Direct Cash Drawers.
When the proxy starts up, it looks for a direct cash drawer configuration in the HAL. If found, it configures Prism to configure its two Cash Drawer slots as Direct; if not, the two slots are configured as OPOS.
The Kick Code (or Open Drawer Code) is a value composed of one or more integers.  Each integer in the Kick Code string in Prism should be represented by a slash followed by exactly three digits.  So integer values below 100 need to be padded with leading zeroes.


Printer Name                                     Open drawer code           Prism Kick Code
Star TSP-100                                       7                                              /007
Epson T88iiiP / TM-U200D                 27,112,0,64,240          /027/112/000/064/240


iOS   Subtotal: 3
16420 iOS launcher 2.0 - Problems scanning using iphone/ipod camera Code was changed to properly handle camera scans and starting a new transaction
17208 When in portrait mode you are only able to use discount$ you are unable to use discount% Confirmed ability to apply an item discount using percentage in portrait layout build
15867 Portrait Layout - Unable to see prior year's receipts when returning an item Code was changed to correct the date picker filter results when searching for previous transactions in portrait layouts.
Initialization   Subtotal: 2
15940 Unable to Have more than 10 Initialization Senders On the Same Machine attempting to Initialize 10 different lists of downstream systems

This issue has been addressed by use to the Server Mode setting in the Prism Replicition service.  Server Mode will allow initialization sender threads to be increased for each CPU added.  Non-server mode is limited to a maximum of 10 sender threads.  See documentation for more details.


16655 Initialization should let Inventory items with Store # -2 at the invn_qty replicate and not let the QTY in that store replicate Code was changed to properly handle stores that have a negative value store number and allow Prism to process in items with quantities in those stores.
Inventory   Subtotal: 5
16411 Unable to search by UDF String fields in the Inventory Code was changed to properly allow the adding and removing of the UDF and AUX fields in inventory.
16823 Unable to view prices at inventory item details Inventory prices now show up correctly in Inventory > Item Details > Price/Cost in the price level grid.
16812 Add SBS filter to inventory lookup Drop-down for subsidiary has been added to the inventory view in Merchandise.
17036 Inventory Top Filters not working properly New drop-down filters for Subsidiary, Store, Price level and season have been added to the inventory lookup screen.
16643 inventory item grid showing OH as zero Inventory item OH quantity values are now properly displayed for all stores
MySQL   Subtotal: 1
16791 Employees Replication will fail if they have Store assignments that do not exist in the local Mysql DB Employees Replication works fine if they have Store assignments that do not exist in the local Mysql DB
Price Manager   Subtotal: 1
16311 Price Plan Ownership - Price Plan authority doesn't show all the installation within the Prism Enterprise Code changed to use controller table to find connections set in enterprise. Selection should display properly and will be used on server side for business logic.
Point of Sale   Subtotal: 3
16310 Issues with scanning ALU barcodes with space in internet explorer 11 Scanning ALU with spaces works correctly on Internet explorer, Chrome and Microsoft Edge
16835 Customer history showing incorrect Item Price with Tax when using VAT Prism now displays item price with tax and document price correctly using VAT.
16836 If the register is closed and you try to create a new transaction when viewing a former transaction the loading circle will be displayed indefinitely The cashier is now properly prompted to open a drawer when attempting to create a new transaction from a former transaction.
Point of Sale - Customers   Subtotal: 1
16433 Prism POS breaks when entering 11 or more characters in Customer ID lookup Prism will now correctly handle Customer ID searches with more than 11 digits
Point of Sale - Discounts   Subtotal: 1
16640 POS Item inconsistent or wrong discount amount The Disc Amt field of a POS item record now has a dynamic label. If the item quantity is > 1 and the item is discounted, the field label will change to "Ext Disc Amt" to indicate that the discount amount is the extended amount.
16325 POS incorrect handling of invalid price discount Multiple changes to clean up the behavior for the item discounts. Specifically, made the toastie error messages appear appropriately, and not give two error messages as indicated in the issue. Changed the behavior when 'price' type discount is chosen so that a negative amount entered will not be assumed to make the price zero. Now, the user will see an error message, and they will need to correct the amount to continue with the discount. Also, there will be a red error border for the price control when a negative amt is entered
Point of Sale - Tenders   Subtotal: 3
14555 Restrict Tenders by Usergroup: Deposit returns ignore Give or Return permission restrictions Permission for the tender give/return of each tender to the deposit refund modal is working correctly
15970 Default tender setting ignored when customer has store credit Default tender will function properly in situations where an initial store credit exists but is not suggested
16062 Unable to edit the check-in time Check In/Out time can be edited and saved.
POS - Item Lookup   Subtotal: 1
16850 Transaction filter when making a central return does not reset the date filter Central Return receipt When looking up receipts for returns via Centrals, the date picker filter is now correctly reset to Month-to-date when the 'reset' button is clicked
Preferences   Subtotal: 2
15908 Clear Node Settings clears the lookup configuration page completely Previously, when using the 'Clear Node Settings' to reset a specific Grid Format to the default, upon re-entering that grid format, all settings would be blank. This has been addressed
15894 Price Manager - UDF search filters in Grid Formats when selected doesn't show up in Price Manager Search By filters Made UDF Name filtering consistent with other inventory grid data, to remove duplicates and use functional search.
Printing   Subtotal: 3
10138 Jewelry tags do not line up correctly with the Brother T2120 Printer

Use the following settings in the printer itself to properly print the jewelry basic design. No changes need to be made to the design.
Changed printer settings on Paper Size
Width 2.30
Height 0.50"
Label Spacing: 0.20
Right & Left margin: 0.06
Top & Bottom margin: 0.00

16370 Unable to print a receipt and admin console area will show Selected: {{sharedData.selectedArea.Name}} Updated print preferences to ensure that print areas have been generated
15884 Able to print tags from POS Print tags was added to the POS Options menu. This  only works for the highlighted item on a transaction
Promotions   Subtotal: 6
13070 Item Type promo not obeying  count or "once" definition  when filtering item using DCS + OR Code was changed to properly handle the combination of DCS filter and using Apply Count or Apply Once options.
11665 Serialize Coupons - Prism Promotions See the What's New in this Release document ("Serialized Coupons" section).
16345 Promo Management on a server that holds multiple subsidiaries and brands is not possible See the Whats New in this Release document ("Default Subsidiary Assignment" section).
10903 Inconsistent behavior using the 'Combine like items on documents' option and Prism promos Server-side code has been updated and is now working correctly.
15992 Promotions - Promotion name not saved on Item Note 5 while using spread global discount

Promotion name is now properly stored in the Item Note field specified in promotions preferences.
When more than one promo is applied, each promotion name is appended and stored in the Item Note field.

14450 Request to insert item and tender with promotion See the What's New in this Release document ("Gift Item Promotions" section).
15500 In Prism to Prism receipt replication, the station receiving a receipt will have a blank casher and associate on the Transaction Detail > Associate tab Cashier and Associate(s) are now correctly replicated to other locations.
17037 CRUD: Reason failed to process in at the remote location See the 'Whats New in this Release' document ("Add/Edit Reasons" section).
Replication   Subtotal: 12
17134 Need drawerevent resource in Prism-to-Prism The drawerevent resource is now working correctly with Prism-to-Prism replication. Important! The Pop Drawer event is NOT Replicated. Other drawer events (Paid In, Paid Out, Cash Drop) are replicated.
16160 Replication of a receipt from RPS to CMS rounds differently than natively created document After replicating a recept from Prism, the rounding values in Prism and Retail Pro 9 are the same.
16422 Matched modified date documents should not be skipped in replication Matched modified date documents are no longer skipped in replication.
16602 Customer Company Field is not replicated through POA Code was changed to properly handle the replication of customer Company.
11100 Add option to allow permissions to be initialized and updated through day to day at remotes Permissions can now be replicated via Prism to Prism initialization and Prism to Prism Day to Day
16568 Allow Phone, Allow Email, Allow Address not replicated to V9 The customer options to Allow Phone, Allow Email and Allow Address are now correctly replicated to V9.
16782 Replication errors are not displayed in the GUI for connections Modified endpoints to properly display messages,
15953 Replication stuck at 40% due to large UDF records See the What's New in this Release document ("PMQ Service Compression Threshold" section).
16089 Provide protection to  inventory Cost/QTY/Price from prism to prism replication

In Prism-to-Prism day-to-day communication, protected fields in customer or inventory records will not be overwritten anymore going from Subordinate to POA. They will only be overwritten going down from POA to Subordinate. Protected fields are fields that traditionally are only modified by documents at higher authority installations.
Customer table:
        CreditLimit (named Charge limit in UI)
        CreditUsed (named Charge balance in UI)

Invn_Sbs_Item table:

Invn_Sbs_Price table:

Invn_Sbs_Item_Qty table:

16930 Setting message format to BINARY (default) vs JSON in config files produces different result when replication datetime values. The option to select BINARY has been removed. Now, all messages will be in JSON.
16749 Slip Replication will not happen if D2D profile Prism To v9 has all sbs selected Code was changed to properly handle the subsidiary filters for slips during replication.
16454 Thirteen resources have potential replication issues because of the V9 ID that is based on a local sequence See the release notes section on "Potential Replication issues in Prism 1.13".
Sales Orders   Subtotal: 3
14246 Unable to return a deposit Full or partial deposits may be given for open orders.  A deposit refund is entered as a negative number on the deposit dialog.  A permission has been added to control deposit refunds: 'POS - Allow Negative Order Deposits'
15891 When fulfilling all items from a customer order if you click OK immediately not all items are added to the document. The OK button doesn't get enabled while Fulfilling all items on Order until the Fill Qty is populated correctly for all Due Items
17094 Enable adding an item to a Fulfilled Order The ability to add items to order transaction until the order has been closed has been added to Prism.
Send Sale   Subtotal: 1
17023 Error blocks closing a Send Sale that has a deposit balance When closing a fulfilled Send Sale, the notification about a refund to store credit has been eliminated. Closing a completely fulfilled Send Sale does not refund any of the transaction payment or cancel the transaction, so the notification was invalid.
Tech Toolkit   Subtotal: 3
17006 Prism Scheduler has been added to Technician's Toolkit.  This provides a user interface for Customer History and scheduled Price Markdowns as well as allowing custom schedules to be created.  See the What's New in this Release document ("Prism Scheduler" section).

The current connection is now removed from the combo list shown at the top of the TTK Join the Enterprise UI. Note this if this is the only connection you have in the TTK then this will also disable the combo box and switch you to using a custom connection

15957 TechToolKit - Scheduler Tool Prism Scheduler has been added to Technician's Toolkit.  This provides a user interface for Customer History and scheduled Price Markdowns as well as allowing custom schedules to be created.  See the What's New in this Release document ("Prism Scheduler" section).
16863 ServerMode for PMQ (High CPU Utilization, but much faster performance), Secondary: turn off D2D consumers during Initialization The Server Mode setting has been added to the PrismMQ.ini configuration file. Server mode results in higher performance at the cost of higher CPU utilization and is only appropriate for certain systems under certain heavy loads.
As part of this fix, PrismMQ was modified so that if a system is being initialized, day-to-day repliction is suspended. .  See the What's New in this Release document ("Server Mode" section).
Transfer Slips   Subtotal: 1
16848 Slips won't replicate to V9 if slip Carrier Name field value exceeds 15 characters The max length for the slip Carrier Name field has been adjusted to 15 characters.
Translations   Subtotal: 1
16449 Oracle NLS_LANG setting of ITALIAN_ITALY.WE8MSWIN1252 causes Prism Server installation to fail This was caused by an issue with Prism server installation on Windows localized versions. Code was changed in DDCompiler to better format the data sent to the database layer during data injection.
Vouchers   Subtotal: 1
16948 Voucher advanced inventory search adds unselected items Addressed an issue in Vouchers where multiple items are added, after all but one item of a previous selected group of items in advanced item lookup were unchecked
X/Z-Out   Subtotal: 4
16606 Doing a media recount when closing a register with 'Require Blind Close' enabled, results in the leave amount being combined with the leave amount from the first count. Leave amounts are now properly applied to reconciliation after a recount occurs.
14424 Not able to open Z-Out when switching workstation Now able to open and close registers in Z-Out on the same workstation when logged in as the same user.
13250 Add an option to print all denominations in Z-Out even when you leave them blank A new preference has been added to Reporting > X/Z-Out: 'Print All Denominations on Z-Out'.  When this preference is enabled any currencies (base or foreign) which are taken will show all denominations, even those which had a zero count.  Only currencies taken during the period of the report will print all denominations.
15600 Unable to close drawer for previous dates without overwriting the current Z-Out Close Record. Unstructured Mode should not have this restriction Altered X/Z-Out timestamps ranges to be explicit 0 seconds for start range, 59 seconds for end range; date input now has "edit-seconds" attribute to allow users to change those values if needed. If search overlaps even one second the error will return as designed.